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Banking Royal Commission – what it means for customer-owned banks

The aftermath of the Hayne Royal Commission suggests customer-owned banks have a unique position in a competitive landscape, RACQ Bank Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Bagnall explains. Read more…


Competition laws need to be flexible, responsive, adaptive: Professor Ian Harper

Following the release of the Competition Policy Review Final Report, Professor Ian Harper discusses key recommendations and their implementation.
Read more…


Mobile technology next big change to retail sector

The retail sector has moved towards a consumer-lead environment with mobile technology to be the next big change, eBay Australia and New Zealand, Vice President, Deborah Sharkey has told attendees at a CEDA event in Sydney. Read more…


How airlines will survive the COVID-19 crisis

The Airport Economist, University of New South Wales Business School J.W.Nevile Fellow in Economics, Tim Harcourt, writes that what happens in the coming months will determine whether Australia's airlines make it through the corona virus crisis. "This is all about short term survival and cash flow. Provided the airlines can get through this temporary grounding they will survive." Read more…


Competition and consumer watchdog to target consumer guarantees, unfair contracts

Misuse of market power, unfair business-to-business contracts and consumer guarantees are the main 2018 priorities for the nation’s top competition watchdog. Read more…


Competition policy can be extended to human services

A number of key recommendations of the Competition Policy Review Final Report are about driving choice for consumers, Professor Ian Harper has told a CEDA audience in Melbourne. Read more…


Harper Competition Review to promote productivity and entrepreneurship

Australia's competition policy needs a dramatic overhaul to promote productivity improvements and growth in the economy, a CEDA forum in Victoria has been told. Read more…


Market economy needs competition: Rod Sims

Competition policy reform is important for Australia’s economy, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Chairman, Rod Sims has told a CEDA audience in Brisbane. Read more…