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Raising the Rate would boost economy

On the release of their Deloitte Access Economics report for ACOSS modelling the impact of a $75 per week increase in Newstart payments on the nation's economy, Ben Guttmann and Chris Richardson write such an increase would benefit the least well off in Australia and provide a boost to the economy.  Read more…


To reduce inequality in Australian schools, make them less socially segregated

Contributing author to How unequal? Insights on inequality, Laura Perry writes educational inequality in Australia takes many forms and can stunt the potential of young people. She suggests early, targeted and intensive support to students as soon as they start to fall behind and making our schools more socially integrated are the keys to tackling underachievement.  Read more…


VET's role in mitigating disadvantage

Supporting disadvantaged students is central to the future of Vocational Education and Training in Australia, writes Kristen Osborne.  Read more…


Human dignity the starting point for discussions on inequality

Fundamental ethical questions lie at the heart of questions we need to resolve around inequality, according to the Ethics Centre Executive Director, Dr Simon Longstaff AO. And, he said, the starting point for any discussion on inequality should be the basic presumption of the intrinsic dignity of every person. Read more…


Ignoring mental health costs Australian businesses $48.9 billion per year: Tim Marney

Ignoring mental health is costing Australian businesses $48.9 billion per year* due to costs associated with unemployment, days of absence, reduced labour income as well as time off for staff to care for someone, said Western Australia Mental Health Commissioner, Tim Marney. Read more…


Parliament needs to catch up with community expectations on Newstart

Increasing Newstart is an immediate reform that could begin to significantly reduce poverty and disadvantage in Australia and CEDA research shows it is in line with community expectations, according to CEDA Chief Executive, Melinda Cilento. Read more…


Services sector vital for Queensland economic growth

The community services industry is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic sectors in Queensland, the Hon. Shannon Fentiman has told a CEDA audience in the Gold Coast. Read more…


Sustained and long term support essential for exit out of entrenched disadvantage

Sustained support is essential to help those exit entrenched disadvantage, an expert panel has said at the launch event of CEDA’s research report, Addressing entrenched disadvantage in Australia. Read more…


There is no reason Tasmania cannot lead the nation in education: Deputy Premier of Tasmania

“There is a strong and lasting connection between socioeconomic disadvantage and poor educational outcomes,” Deputy Premier of Tasmania, the Hon. Jeremy Rockliff said at the Tasmanian release of CEDA’s report, Addressing entrenched disadvantage in Australia. Read more…