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Central banks are losing their mojo warns prominent international economist

Radical uncertainty about the international economy and volatile capital movements are the biggest risk to the global economy, despite signs that the underlying economy is re-stabilising, a prominent international economist Dr Robert Johnson has told a CEDA audience. Read more…


Collaboration and reform essential to navigate the Asian Century

All levels of government, business and the Australian community must work together to utilise opportunities to navigate the Asian Century, COAG Reform Council, Chairman, John Brumby has told a CEDA audience in Melbourne. Read more…


Crystal ball shows productivity gains must top the agenda in the “new normal” Australian economy

Companies will have to adjust to the “new normal” of high commodity prices and a strong $A despite subtle economic rebalancing away from mining, business leaders have been told at the inaugural CEDA Crystal Ball event run by CEDA with PwC. Read more…


Australia 2022 - discussion paper

Discussion paper prepared for CEDA by Dr John Edwards, Reserve Bank Board member and Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow. In this paper, Dr Edwards suggest some of the major questions we need to think about in sustaining Australia's prosperity. This paper was released in June 2012. Read more…


International connectedness critical for regional Australia: Kyl Murphy

International connectedness and the movement of people, ideas and information will be important for Australia's future prosperity. Kyl Murphy discusses regional capitals and global integration.
Read more…


VIC EPO: Further interest rate cuts won’t help

Australia has spent at least decade wasting the opportunity to put in place policies that enable the economic restructuring for Australia, Australian National University, Crawford School of Public Policy , CAMA, Vice-Chancellor Chair in Public Policy, Professor Warwick McKibbin told a CEDA audience at the Victorian EPO. Read more…


WA: Opportunity to pioneer new food and energy production systems

Western Australia has the potential to become the Saudi Arabia of the 21st century, replacing Australia's oil imports of $40 billion per annum with algae oil produced in an area the size of a sheep station, a CEDA forum has heard in Perth. Read more…


ABC interview with economist Professor Jeffrey Sachs

World renowned economist and senior UN advisor, Professor Jeffrey Sachs spoke with ABC's Ticky Fullerton on sustainable development in an extended interview just prior to speaking to CEDA trustees at an event in Perth. Read more…


Australia needs buffers to prepare for economic shocks

Despite economic uncertainty, Australians and business should not withdraw from the world, but must ensure the country has buffers in place to deal with future shocks, Reserve Bank of Australia Governor, Philip Lowe told a CEDA audience in Melbourne. Read more…


CEDA research shows the growth equals prosperity message not cutting through

Just one in 20 Australians believe they have personally gained a lot from Australia’s record run of economic growth, according to a new CEDA report released today. Read more…