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The Budget will assist Australia manage a transforming economy

With a disciplined fiscal approach to spending, the Federal Budget will help Australia deal with the near term challenges of a transforming economy in a changing world now and in the future, Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, Wayne Swan told a CEDA audience in Brisbane. Read more…


There are no outstanding political leaders today: Bob Hawke

Former prime minister Bob Hawke has criticised current political leaders while speaking at the West Australian launch of CEDA’s latest publication, Setting Public Policy. Read more…


VIC: Trade partnerships with Asia key to economic growth

On his 100th day in office, Premier Denis Napthine announced two new initiatives to direct Victoria’s push into Asia while giving CEDA’s State of the State address. Read more…


"Tony Abbott will be the next Prime Minister"

The Prime Minister does deserve enormous credit for all of this [reform], but...if she loses the next election that credit will slip away as well because Tony Abbott will unwind it. Read more…


The power of proximity – Australia’s next wave of global engagement in the Asian Century

A story of how by some crucial breakthroughs, Australia has replaced the tyranny of distance with the power of proximity.
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Turing and the TPP: Intellectual property, public health and access to essential medicines

The dispute over Turing Pharmaceuticals AG and Daraprim is an important cautionary warning in respect of some of the dangers present in the secret negotiations in respect of the TPP.
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Understanding populism: how leaders can better sell economic reform

As populism and extremism become the new norm, Dr Anika Gauja discusses lessons our leaders can learn from this global shift, and how to utilise this knowledge to forward political and economic agendas. Read more…


Australia needs buffers to prepare for economic shocks

Despite economic uncertainty, Australians and business should not withdraw from the world, but must ensure the country has buffers in place to deal with future shocks, Reserve Bank of Australia Governor, Philip Lowe told a CEDA audience in Melbourne. Read more…


Australia needs policy reform: Aurizon CEO

Australia is facing its most challenging set of economic circumstances in a generation and needs policy reform to remain globally competitive, a CEDA audience has heard in Brisbane. Read more…


Why what the RBA says matters – but what they do matters more

Following the Reserve Bank of Australia's (RBA) latest announcement, Professor Mardi Dungey examines the impact of the RBA on markets and the Australian dollar.
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