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A clean jobs plan can save the climate and our post-COVID economy

AlphaBeta Managing Director, Australia, Toby Brennan, and Engagement Manager, Sriram Srikumar, make the economic case for a green recovery from COVID-19 based on the modelling for the clean jobs plan that AlphaBeta has developed with the Climate Council. They say that focusing on 12 proposed policy opportunities, their plan could directly create 76,000 jobs over three years.   Read more…


Australia's labour market is strong but slack remains

Following the release of the ABS labour force data update, CEDA Senior Economist, Meg Cuddihy, reflects on the state of the Australian labour market. She says that while stagnant consumer spending and slow growth in wages and GDP are still cause for concern, headline labour market indicators still point towards solid economic health. Read more…


If the best form of welfare is a job: disrupting disadvantage through employment

Following the release of Disrupting disadvantage: setting the scene, CEDA is releasing a series of articles from leading thinkers in the field that explore different aspects of disadvantage in Australia. Anglicare WA Chief Executive Officer, Mark Glasson, explores ways we can improve employment outcomes to limit disadvantage.  Read more…


JobMaker is smart policy addressing an urgent problem

University of Melbourne Truby Williams Professor of Economics and member of CEDA's Board of Directors, Jeff Borland, says the JobMaker program announced in the 2020 Federal Budget is a well-designed wage subsidy aimed at some of the people currently most in need.
  Read more…


Labour market tracking: first COVID-19 impacts hit young people hardest

In the first in a regular series on the Australian labour market for CEDA's Recovery: coming back better project, CEDA Senior Economist, Gabriela D'Souza, shows that COVID-19 is already having a significant impact on the labour market, particularly among young people. Read more…


Labour market tracking: slow gains and the gender-split recession

In part two of CEDA's labour market tracking series, Senior Economist Gabriela D'Souza says key employment indicators show that while the Australian labour market has made gains since May, jobs growth now appears to be stalling. She also unpacks the evidence surrounding the influence of gender on the post-COVID employment results and concludes that the situation is more complicated than it first appears.   Read more…


Low-skilled job seekers facing barriers to work

A recent study by Anglicare Australia into the job market for those facing the greatest barriers to work has found a shortage of low-skilled entry-level jobs with large numbers of candidates competing for each position. Kasy Chambers explains.  Read more…


Raising the Rate would boost economy

On the release of their Deloitte Access Economics report for ACOSS modelling the impact of a $75 per week increase in Newstart payments on the nation's economy, Ben Guttmann and Chris Richardson write such an increase would benefit the least well off in Australia and provide a boost to the economy.  Read more…


Debt for infrastructure not bad: Dr John Hewson AM

Australia could have an infrastructure revolution but needs to stop thinking all debt is bad, according to ANU Crawford School of Public Policy, Tax and Transfer Policy Institute, Professor and Chair, Dr John Hewson AM. Read more…


Michaelia Cash: recovering from the greatest economic challenge since The Great Depression

Federal Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, Senator the Hon. Michaelia Cash told a CEDA livestream that the crisis precipitated by COVID-19 is “the greatest economic challenge that we have effectively faced since the Great Depression.” Read more…