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Public sector agility emerges in response to COVID-19

CEDA Associate Director NSW, David Bowtell, writes that COVID-19 has shown the public sector's ability to act effectively and quickly. He argues that capturing the lessons from this crisis will be critical for its success moving forward. Read more…


Good budget management is vital component of economic plan

Good budget management is a vital component of our economic plan, Prime Minister of Australia the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP has told a CEDA audience in Melbourne. Read more…


Influencing at a local government level

Local government is often spoken about as the closest level to the people, which is absolutely true, Townsville City Council CEO, Adele Young has told a CEDA audience. Read more…


No deals: Hodgman outlines plan for reelection

Gearing up to fight the next state election, now just months away, Tasmanian Premier the Hon. Will Hodgman, vowed he would not do deals with other parties to form a minority government. Read more…