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Time to recognise and support Australia's industry-university partnerships

Industry-university collaboration has long been recognised as fundamental to an innovative economy. But is Australia as poor as portrayed? Dr Peter Binks provides a new perspective, based on Australia’s ranking in the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2019 and Business Higher Education Roundtable's (HERT) two decades of awards.

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Training for a skilled workforce: review of the National Training Reform Agenda

In May 1995, CEDA released Training for a skilled workforce: review of the national training reform agenda which assessed initiatives and offered recommendations to further improveme Australia's VET system. Read more…


CEDA report calls for national review of VET sector

Improving outcomes, regulation and oversight, providing certainty in funding and recognising its importance in skilling people for the jobs of the future are critical recommendations in CEDA's latest research on the forgotten middle child of education – VET. Read more…


Co-design and co-production the future for university curriculums

Co-design and co-production between universities, the business community and students is essential in educating the future workforce, a panel has told a CEDA audience in Sydney. Read more…


Cuts to university funding will challenge international competitiveness

Infrastructure investments and university collaboration keeps South Australia and Australia competitive and changes to funding will challenge that, Flinders University, Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Colin Stirling, has told a CEDA audience. Read more…


Higher education funding at odds with skills gap shortages and future workforce requirements

Funding for the higher education sector is at odds with skills gap shortages and future workforce requirements, a CEDA audience has heard at the higher education sector review in Adelaide. Read more…


The race to embrace innovation

We’re now in what’s been calculated as a US$1.6 trillion per annum global innovation race, where the rate of investment in new technologies is increasing every year, Innovation and Science Australia Chair, Bill Ferris AC said at the CEDA New South Wales innovation and disruption event. Read more…


While information is everywhere, knowledge is not

The idea of a university for the future is worth contemplating, now more than ever, The University of South Australia Vice Chancellor and President, Professor David Lloyd told a CEDA audience in Adelaide. Read more…