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Is it time to say goodbye to the company as we know it?

Article by Dr Ziggy Switkowski as published by on 11 January 2013. This article is adapted from Dr Switkowski's forthcoming CEDA publication, The Future of Work. Read more…


New data breach legislation: might be time for companies to assess their cyber security risk

.au Domain Director of Technology, Security and Strategy, Rachael Falk discusses what the newly legislated Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 means for organisations in Australia. Read more…


Australia needs more entrepreneur-based innovation

Australian start-ups and entrepreneur-based innovation struggle due the country’s current regulation system and a lack of government support says Commonwealth Bank Chief Information Officer Michael Harte. Read more…


Don't wait for digital disruption, dive into the digital economy, companies warned

Australian companies must grasp the nettle to develop a digital strategy and look for ways of using digital technology to improve their processes, products or to expand into new markets, a CEDA forum has been told in Sydney. Read more…


Technology is changing student experience: QUT Deputy Vice Chancellor

Australian universities are in a period of transition with the development of technology and online learning, according to Queensland University of Technology Deputy Vice Chancellor (Technology, Information and Learning Support), Professor Tom Cochrane. Read more…


The mining industry is leading the world in automation

“The mining industry has led the world in automation”, Duke University Director of the Humans and Autonomy Laboratory, Professor Mary Cummings has said at a CEDA event in Brisbane. Read more…


The shale gas revolution

The gas and shale gas revolution, its prospects for continuation in the USA and possible replication elsewhere were the topics covered by Chatham House, Senior Research Fellow (Energy), Professor Paul Stevens at a CEDA event in Queensland. Read more…