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A sustainable legacy for our post-COVID infrastructure spend

Arup Australasia Chair, Peter Chamley, writes that industry has an obligation to ensure infrastructure spending after COVID-19 is informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
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Crystal ball shows productivity gains must top the agenda in the “new normal” Australian economy

Companies will have to adjust to the “new normal” of high commodity prices and a strong $A despite subtle economic rebalancing away from mining, business leaders have been told at the inaugural CEDA Crystal Ball event run by CEDA with PwC. Read more…


Genuine and considered debate on population needed

Changes to Australia’s population, and how it is managed, impacts on living standards of all Australians and that is why we need a genuine and considered debate on population, rather than a myopic xenophobic discussion centred on immigration and boat people. Read more…


Improvements in rail means better productivity for Australia

Improvements in rail will assist Australia’s productivity, competitiveness and performance, a CEDA audience has heard in Melbourne. Read more…


China's ambitious plans to reshape global trade

China's Belt and Road Initiative provides opportunities for Australian businesses with expertise in infrastructure, writes Martin Tricaud.  Read more…


Time to ditch broadband clunker: Michael Porter's AFR op-ed

Australia must not allow the national broadband network to destroy its hood name for economic management, writes Dr Michael Porter in the Australian Financial Review. Read more…


Is Australia's road infrastructure intelligent

Advisian's Zoltan Maklary and Andrew Lau discuss the future of autonomous vehicles for Australia, and how they may interact with smart infrastructure. Read more…


Genuine and considered debate on population needed

Opinion piece, by Professor the Hon Stephen Martin, published in The Australian on 23 March 2012. Read more…


New infrastructure needed to halt temperature rises

HSBC Centre of Sustainable Finance Managing Director Zoë Knight argues that new infrastructure is urgently required to keep global temperatures from rising more than anticipated and highlights the areas that require most attention.
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Policy frameworks needed to facilitate infrastructure development

In the lead-up to the 2016 Federal Election, David Bowtell examines why we need infrastructure framework reform to secure Australia's economic future.
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