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ROI - Return on Innovation: a roadmap for collaboration

Prior to his panel discussion at State of the Nation on Innovation and collaboration: what matters and what can be done?, CSIRO Chief Executive, Dr Larry Marshall released this blog discussing the idea of ROI as Return on Innovation ahead of a new report due to be released by Australia’s national science agency, showing it delivers $6 billion in benefits each year. Read more…


Australia needs more entrepreneur-based innovation

Australian start-ups and entrepreneur-based innovation struggle due the country’s current regulation system and a lack of government support says Commonwealth Bank Chief Information Officer Michael Harte. Read more…


Australia Post now a lead indicator of digital disruption

Australia Post has gone from being a leading indicator of GDP to instead the lead indicator of digital disruption, Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour has told a CEDA audience in Perth. Read more…


Australians need to know where they fit in the future economy

Leaders and policymakers need to tell Australians where they fit in the economy of the future, Federal Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Bill Shorten told a CEDA audience in Canberra. Read more…


Why we need to become a clever country: Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin

The latest world competitiveness rankings being released today have seen Australia slip another place to 17 out of 60 countries surveyed, a drop of 12 places in five years, highlighting once again why real reform in key areas such as tax and innovation are vital.
Read more…


Automation – embracing the change

Between 25-46 per cent of all workforce activity in Australia could be automatable by 2030, McKinsey & Co Chairman – Asia, Oliver Tonby told a CEDA audience in Perth. Read more…


Bigger thinking needed to harness innovation

Innovation is not just about technology and technological development, it’s also about people and ambition, Innovation and Science Australia CEO, Dr Charlie Day said at CEDA’s Chasing moonshots – culture, ambition and innovation event in Sydney. Read more…


Business must play a social role in communities

“A lot of companies have CSRs – corporate social responsibilities…It’s a good combination of words: responsibility is good, social is good, but what it stands for is being used the wrong way in so many different places. It’s used as a check-box,” Chobani Founder and Chief Executive Officer Hamdi Ulukaya has told a CEDA audience in Sydney. Read more…


Can industry seize the innovation opportunity?

Australian businesses won’t capitalise on opportunities afforded by the digital economy because boards are too short-term focused, risk averse, and businesses are failing to expand into Asia at a fast enough pace, a panel of digital innovators told a CEDA audience in Canberra. Read more…


Companies should provide employee 'pixie dust' in corporate philanthropy

Companies should involve their most valuable assets – their employees – in corporate philanthropy,’s Managing Director, Jacquelline Fuller has told a CEDA audience in Sydney. Read more…