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CEDA report: Five years of Women in Leadership – progress too slow

A publication reflecting on five years tackling the issue of increasing gender equality in the workplace and increasing the number of women in leadership positions in Australia shows little progress h Read more…


CEDA report: inequality levels largely unchanged since 2007 but new risks emerging

Stagnant incomes, widening gaps in opportunity based on where people live and go to school and anxiety about the impact of rapidly emerging technologies are contributing to concern about inequality, according to CEDA’s report on inequality out today. Read more…


CEDA report: protectionist policies a danger to Australia’s service sector

The Productivity Commission should conduct a major inquiry into health care in Australia, according to CEDA’s latest report Improving service sector productivity: the economic imperative, which includes recommendations for reform across key sectors such as education, tourism, financial services and transport. Read more…’s-service-sector

CEDA research finds migration is not a threat to wages or jobs of local workers

Economic modelling undertaken by CEDA in its latest research report has found that immigration to Australia has not harmed the jobs and earnings of local workers. Read more…


CEDA welcomes former US Consul-General Robin McClellan as WA State Director

CEDA has appointed well-known former US Consul General, Robin McClellan, as its new State Director in Western Australia. Read more…


CEDA welcomes new Queensland State Director

CEDA is pleased to announce that is has appointed Mr Robert Fuller as its new State Director in Queensland. Read more…


David Byers to leave CEDA

Chief executive David Byers will be leaving CEDA in October. Read more…


Does size matter? New CEDA report calls for discussion on the complex issues around population

A new Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) report released today is calling for changes in how Australia manages population change, to ensure smooth delivery of services and infrastructure. Read more…


Emissions trading: Another financial bubble set to burst?

While the Australian Government has settled on a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions cap-and-trade scheme (the CPRS) as its primary policy response to climate change, a new CEDA report asks whether this is really the best and most durable approach. Read more…


Formal trade policy needed to guide future negotiations

A CEDA report released on 9 November 2015, while recognising the economic benefits that will potentially flow from free trade agreements (FTA), is calling for a formal trade policy to be developed as a critical next step in guiding all future trade negotiations. Read more…