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New world rankings show emerging economies not the only threat to Australia’s competitiveness

A world competitiveness ranking of 60 countries being released today shows Australia has slipped another place with advanced economies overtaking Australia as they continue to recover from the lingering effects of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and Eurozone crisis. Read more…


Parliament needs to catch up with community expectations on Newstart

Increasing Newstart is an immediate reform that could begin to significantly reduce poverty and disadvantage in Australia and CEDA research shows it is in line with community expectations, according to CEDA Chief Executive, Melinda Cilento. Read more…


Rapid uptake of data and technology needed to maximise Australia’s economic growth - CEDA research

Australia will need to more rapidly take up new technologies if it is to maximise economic growth, according to new CEDA research. Read more…


Skilling Australia’s workforce for future technologies is key to economic growth - CEDA research

A greater focus on skilling Australians in the workforce will be key to unlocking Australia’s future economic growth, CEDA research has found. Read more…


VALE Professor Mardi Dungey

CEDA is saddened to hear of the passing of CEDA Council on Economic Policy (CEP) member and supporter, Professor Mardi Dungey on 12 January 2019. Read more…


Water research and reform is on the boil: Australian Water Resources Project formed

Melbourne, 22 July 2010: CEDA, UniWater (a venture between the University Melbourne and Monash University) and Harvard University today announced the formation of the Australian Water Resources Project. Read more…


World competitiveness ranking released: Australia back in top 20

Australia has climbed two places to be back inside the top 20 most competitive nations, in a global ranking released today. Read more…


World competitiveness ranking: Australia gains a place despite core economic indicators remaining we

Business confidence is rising in Australia despite core economic indicators not improving, an international survey has found. Read more…