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COAG reforms will improve Australia’s productivity

Reforms will assist in improving productivity by “saving money, driving the economy, and by widening opportunities for people to live and earn a living in this country”, COAG Reform Council, Chairman, Paul McClintock AO told a CEDA audience in Melbourne. Read more…


"Tony Abbott will be the next Prime Minister"

The Prime Minister does deserve enormous credit for all of this [reform], but...if she loses the next election that credit will slip away as well because Tony Abbott will unwind it. Read more…


Australia needs buffers to prepare for economic shocks

Despite economic uncertainty, Australians and business should not withdraw from the world, but must ensure the country has buffers in place to deal with future shocks, Reserve Bank of Australia Governor, Philip Lowe told a CEDA audience in Melbourne. Read more…


CEDA report: Fed's revenue distribution failing to deliver for states

Increasing State Government control of revenue, targeted specifically for schools, health, public transport and roads, along with running a series of conventions across Australia to engage the public in a national conversation on reforming Australia's Federation, are key recommendations proposed in CEDA research being released today. Read more…


GFC and sovereign risk

GFC and sovereign risk- Mitigating measures and solutions from down under. Paper presented by CEDA, Chief Executive, Professor the Hon Stephen Martin at the International Federation of Accountants Conference, March 19-20, 2012, Vienna, Austria. Read more…


MEDIA RELEASE: EPO released - Electricity prices, future of work key to living standards

Embracing electricity industry reform could achieve real reductions in electricity prices in the future, according to CEDA’s Economic and Political Overview publication released Friday 15 February, 2013. Read more…


MEDIA RELEASE: Use super to cover healthcare costs or risk longer waiting times

CEDA is today calling for three per cent of superannuation to be quarantined to meet healthcare costs, either by increasing the current super rate or using a portion already paid, as part of a suite of recommendations aimed at ensuring the long term sustainability of Australia's universal healthcare system. Read more…


Nuclear energy cheaper than renewables: UK expert Dr Tim Stone

Nuclear power is a cheaper, cleaner energy alternative to renewables, UK Office for Nuclear Development former Chair, Dr Tim Stone has told a CEDA event in Adelaide. Read more…


Privatisation process needs effective regulatory arrangements

“Governments should not be maximising the value of assets and thereby sale prices by giving monopoly infrastructure operators unfettered pricing power,” Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Chairman, Rod Sims has told a CEDA audience in Perth. Read more…