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Handbrake on SA economy must be released

Government must reduce the cost base of the South Australian economy to kick start it after it stalled in the last two quarters of 2012, State Opposition Leader Steven Marshall has told a CEDA forum in Adelaide. Read more…


Cost of living prominent in SA election

South Australia's election will likely be fought over high energy costs, the state of the health sector and hospitals and cost of living issues. Michael O'Neil examines the economic and social priorities for an incoming government.  Read more…


Investment required in retention and completion of higher education

A stronger focus on investment in retention and completion of higher education is required, Education Base Funding Review Chair, Dr Jane Lormax-Smith told a CEDA forum in Adelaide. Read more…


Manufacturers ignore marketing and social media at their peril

The successful public campaign to save 67-year old South Australian family business, Spring Gully Foods, shows that manufacturing companies need to get in touch with their consumers through marketing and social media, a CEDA forum has heard in Adelaide. Read more…


SA businesses must capitalise on a 100-year super cycle

South Australian companies must leverage Australia’s mining boom to develop innovative products and services that boost their bottom line if they are to thrive in global markets, a business forum hosted by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) has heard. Read more…


SA: Govt. must support industries through economic change

South Australia must differentiate its products, develop high value-added industries and support its automotive industries during a period of rapid global economic change if it is to prosper, a CEDA forum has heard in Adelaide. Read more…


The role of universities in Australia’s future

“Public education in Australia is at an acute moment of drastic under-funding," University of Adelaide Vice Chancellor and President Professor Warren Bebbington has told a CEDA audience in Adelaide, speaking as part of a South Australian Vice-Chancellors panel. Read more…


Women in leadership - not just a women’s issue

South Australia’s CEOs will need to take charge of removing roadblocks that prevent women from participating fully in the workforce to address skills shortages and boost their bottom line, a CEDA forum in Adelaide has heard. Read more…


The Xenophon surge in South Australia

Nick Xenophon's return to South Australian politics could be a gamechanger in the forthcoming state election. Flinders University College of Business, Government and Law Senior Lecturer, Dr Rob Manwaring examines how the X Factor might influence the election result.  Read more…


Associate Professor Joanna Howe: Labour migration in a post-Brexit (now Trump) world

Identifying skills shortages in Australia for the purposes of awarding 457 visas needs to be determined by an independent authority – not by employers – University of Adelaide’s Senior Lecturer of Law and CEDA’s Migration: the economic debate report author Associate Professor Joanna Howe has told a CEDA audience in Adelaide. Read more…


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