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SA: Govt. must support industries through economic change

South Australia must differentiate its products, develop high value-added industries and support its automotive industries during a period of rapid global economic change if it is to prosper, a CEDA forum has heard in Adelaide. Read more…


VIC: Trade partnerships with Asia key to economic growth

On his 100th day in office, Premier Denis Napthine announced two new initiatives to direct Victoria’s push into Asia while giving CEDA’s State of the State address. Read more…


Collaboration powerful driver of economic growth and innovation: NSW Premier

We must continue to champion collaboration between government, business and the community, NSW Premier the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian has told a CEDA audience. Read more…


Energex, Ergon and Powerlink not for sale: Qld Premier

Key public energy companies will not be sold but other assets including infrastructure will be considered for privatisation, Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has told CEDA’s annual State of the State audience in Brisbane. Read more…


Fixing GST redistribution is dead simple: Colin Barnett

Fundamental reforms need to be made to GST distribution based on population, according to WA Premier, the Hon. Colin Barnett. Read more…


It is the consumer who should determine the market – not the government

“We’re a government that is open to business but we are also open to new ideas, and we’re a government that’s ready to respond to new challenges and new opportunities as they emerge, like the sharing Read more…


No deals: Hodgman outlines plan for reelection

Gearing up to fight the next state election, now just months away, Tasmanian Premier the Hon. Will Hodgman, vowed he would not do deals with other parties to form a minority government. Read more…


NSW Premier says subsiding other states is painful

It’s very painful to give the Queensland Government more than $6 billion over the next four years, NSW Premier, the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian said at the CEDA NSW State of the State event. Read more…


Premier exalts buzz about Tasmania

Far from being an economic laggard, Tasmania is now leading the nation on many measures, according to Premier the Hon. Will Hodgman. Read more…


Public sector cuts required to repair budget: Tasmanian Premier

Tasmania must focus on its strengths in agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, mining and tourism to expand the economy but public sector cuts are required to repair the budget deficit and finance essential services, Premier the Hon. Will Hodgman has told CEDA's State of the State in Hobart. Read more…


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