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A make or break year for Australia business

Unsurprisingly, this year’s annual CEO survey by PwC shows a marked drop in CEO confidence around the prospect for growth, not just in their own business but in the economy as a whole.
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What makes good public policy? Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin

In the current uncertain policy environment, whether domestically-based with political wrangling over contentious Budget issues still unresolved or international dimensions as measured by security concerns in the wake of terrorist insurgency in far off lands, burqa bans in Parliament House, or the Prime Minister’s new diplomatic policy of ‘shirt-fronting’, the community seeks solace and comfort from leaders who can demonstrate strength and purpose.

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Women in Leadership: Looking Below the Surface (2011)

CEDA's publication titled Women in Leadership: Looking Below the Surface examines unconscious bias against women in the workplace. The publication was launched in September 2011 in Melbourne by Federal Minister for the Status of Women, the Hon Kate Ellis. Read more…


CEDA AGM: Diane Smith-Gander AO new CEDA Chair

High-profile business leader Diane Smith-Gander AO has taken the reins as Chairman following CEDA’s AGM. Read more…


Economic growth requires greater female workforce participation

Closing the gap between the number of men and women in Australia’s workforce will boost Australia’s GDP by 11 per cent, Dr Cathy Foley has told a CEDA audience in Canberra. Read more…


Leadership in a time where machines outperform humans

When you pit human experts against the sheer power of data and machine-based analysis, more often than not the machine can outperform the human, McKinsey & Company Partner, Emma Petherick said at the CEDA QLD CEO panel on future leadership. Read more…


Leadership is more than just holding people's hands

Leadership through change has to be more than just holding people’s hands and saying it will be ok, Hydro Tasmania Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Davy said at CEDA Queensland event on Australia’s future leadership. Read more…