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Uncertain outlook for Australian economy but recovery on track

The economy is expected to contract by four per cent in 2020, a CEDA audience heard when Westpac Chief Economist, Bill Evans, recently discussed the national economic outlook. Read more…


State of the Nation: reconsidering trade after COVID-19

Speaking at State of the Nation, Austrade Chief Executive Officer, Stephanie Fahey, said that Australia had the chance to “trade our way out of the challenge that we are in, but only if we are smart about it.” Read more…


State of the Nation: saving jobs in the crisis

Economic recovery from COVID-19 will require as much cooperation as possible between government, industry and the union movement “because it is in the best interest of Australians who want to save their job or see job growth increase,” Federal Attorney General and Minister for Industrial Relations, the Hon. Christian Porter, told CEDA’s State of the Nation. Read more…


State of the Nation: Federal Leader of the Opposition, Anthony Albanese – we need to look after our most vulnerable people and essential workers

There’s a whole range of consequences behind poverty. We need to value our greatest asset, which is our people, and how we maximise them, Federal Leader of the Opposition the Hon. Anthony Albanese told CEDA’s State of the Nation Forum. Read more…


State of the Nation: Supporting vulnerable and at risk communities panel: our indifference will imperil our resilience

Australia is now in a position to strengthen our economy by supporting our most vulnerable and those who have been most severely affected by the recent economic downturn, according to CEDA Board of Directors member, Ming Long AM. Read more…


State of the Nation day one: national cabinet, labour market and PM address

Reflecting on day one of State of the Nation, CEDA CEO Melinda Cilento was joined by AlphaBeta Director, Dr Andrew Charlton; CEDA Board Member, Dr Gordon de Brouwer PSM; and RBC Capital Markets Chief Economist and Senior Relationship Manager, Su-Lin Ong. Read more…


State of the Nation: Critical services in a time of a pandemic: staff and safety first

At State of the Nation leaders from critical service organisations discussed how they have adapted in the COVID-19 crisis to support not only their customers but their employees as well. Read more…


State of the Nation: Prime Minister: we must resume the adventure of growth

Opening CEDA’s State of the Nation forum, Prime Minister the Hon. Scott Morrison announced details of the Federal Government’s Jobmaker plan, including increased spending on infrastructure and major projects and a reduction in Commonwealth approval times, and called for Australia to resume what CEDA’s founder Sir Douglas Copland referred to as “the adventure of growth.” Read more…


State of the Nation: State Treasurers panel: Opportunity for reform in the crisis

State Treasurer of Victoria, Tim Pallas, told a State of the Nation audience that while COVID-19 has taken a significant toll on the economy, we should see the recovery period as a chance for reform. Read more…


How technology can improve our pandemic response

Google Government Affairs and Public Policy Director ANZ, Lucinda Longcroft, told a CEDA livestream event that the COVID-19 crisis has “shown Australia the importance of evidence-based decision making in responding effectively in a health crisis.” Read more…


Total Pages: 84