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Hard questions about Australia

Hard questions about Australia’s current economic growth, the patchwork in place and the historical illusions of previous sector booms were key topics discussed at a recent CEDA forum in Melbourne. By Dominique Goodwin. Read more…


Victorian Transport: Delivering goods to the state and beyond

Hastings port will play a major part in relieving congestion at and around the Port of Melbourne as container movements are set to rise from 2 million to 8 million by 2035, according to Victorian Transport Minister Terry Mulder. Read more…


Making Sydney an even greater city on the agenda

Improving its ability to implement plans, tolerance, quality public transport and strong leadership are key components in making Sydney an even greater city, attendees at CEDA’s Capital Regeneration: Sydney’s New Future event have heard. Read more…


NAB boss questioned on big issues at CEDA event

The European debt crisis, the genuineness of NAB's "breaking-up with the other banks" campaign, and the superiority of a carbon tax over direct action, were the key topics touched on by NAB Managing Director Cameron Clyne in a wide ranging interview at a recent CEDA event in Melbourne. Read more…


Highlights, insights, best one liners - Women in Leadership Queensland

New thinking, cut-through honesty and business insights ended Queensland's first Women in Leadership series - much in the spirit in which the series had been launched 12 months ago. Read more…


State of the Nation: Rethinking Australia conference reports

CEDA's 32nd State of the Nation Rethinking Australia held in Canberra provided quality discussion on a cross section of key issues ranging from energy and climate policy, water, population and China, with presentations by senior members of parliament and key public servants, industry representatives and academics. Read more…


CEDA media release: State of the nation assessment to start tomorrow in Canberra

A major two day conference starting in Canberra tomorrow will bring together government, business and academia to discuss and debate the big issues impacting on Australia’s economy. Read more…


Smart Metering: Towards an efficient electricity future event summary

CEDA attendees peered into a future where all consumers could program their electrical appliances through a mobile phone to make energy savings, use their consumption data to shop around for the best energy deal and relieve pressure at peak times on the electricity grid. Read more…


World Energy Outlook event summary

Shell Vice President for Global Business Environment, Jeremy Bentham indicated that the world energy outlook is entering an "era of volatile transitions' which will bring about massive uncertainty. By Charley May Read more…


Public transport in Victoria: Thinking outside the lines event summary

CEDA’s Public transport in Victoria: Thinking outside the lines event provided attendees with a valuable insight on the challenges and solutions to meeting Victoria’s public transport demands. By Charley May. Read more…


Total Pages: 77