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Water research and reform is on the boil: Australian Water Resources Project formed

Melbourne, 22 July 2010: CEDA, UniWater (a venture between the University Melbourne and Monash University) and Harvard University today announced the formation of the Australian Water Resources Project. Read more…


CEDA Media Release: Strong demand in Asia boosts Australia’s global competitiveness

Strong demand from Asia has boosted Australia’s position in the world's most comprehensive and long-running competitiveness study. Read more…


“Super Profit” tax is a tax on success and effort

The Rudd government is making the assumption that a so-called “super profits tax” won’t deter investment. But to tax major success is generally to tax real and often unusual effort. Read more…


Economic and Political Overview: Publication and event series on the national agenda for 2010

The Economic and Political Overview (EPO) previews the Australian economy and politics - at state and federal levels - for the year ahead. This dovetails with the EPO research report publication providing senior executives with insights and information on the operating environment for the next 12 months. Read more…


CEDA Big Issues Project suggests a new Reform Agenda for Australia

CEDA's Big Issues project identifies major challenges for Australia over the next five to ten years. In its third year the concerns ranked highest were population growth, water and energy, all major long-term policy challenges for Australia and the world. Read more…


Minister Ferguson launches the National Long-Term Tourism Strategy

The Minister for Tourism, the Hon. Martin Ferguson AM MP, launched the National Long-Term Tourism Strategy at a breakfast in Perth hosted by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) and the WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) on 15 December 2009. Read more…


Pension age rise a sensible response to demographic challenges

CEDA first proposed a rise in the pension age to 67 in an information paper by Dr David Knox, Pensions for Longer Life: Linking Australia's pension age with life expectancy (2007). CEDA's chief executive David Byers said the federal budget decision to increase the pension age not only reflected how the world is changing, but will boost the economy, encourage more people in the workforce and ease the tax bill that Australians will have to pay in the years ahead. Read more…


Sir Rod Eddington on Victoria's transport challenges

Sir Rod Eddington , who also chairs Infrastructure Australia, addressed more than 400 CEDA guests in Melbourne, in a wide-ranging presentation that touched on public transport, infrastructure and the liveability of cities - in his view, all underscored by a carbon-constrained future Read more…


OPINION PIECE: Recent policy making has not been best practice

This opinion piece by CEDA, Chief Executive, Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin was published online by The Australian Financial Review on 20 August, 2013. Read more…

Total Pages: 77