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Smart Metering: Towards an efficient electricity future event summary

CEDA attendees peered into a future where all consumers could program their electrical appliances through a mobile phone to make energy savings, use their consumption data to shop around for the best energy deal and relieve pressure at peak times on the electricity grid. Read more…


World Energy Outlook event summary

Shell Vice President for Global Business Environment, Jeremy Bentham indicated that the world energy outlook is entering an "era of volatile transitions' which will bring about massive uncertainty. By Charley May Read more…


Public transport in Victoria: Thinking outside the lines event summary

CEDA’s Public transport in Victoria: Thinking outside the lines event provided attendees with a valuable insight on the challenges and solutions to meeting Victoria’s public transport demands. By Charley May. Read more…


Key issues addressed at Queensland Economic Development Forum

Making the most of the resources boom by building strong regional economies and resilient communities was the subject of the 2011 Queensland Economic Development Forum, writes Anna Reynolds. Read more…


CEDA Media Release: Australia drops to ninth in global competitiveness

Increased labour costs on the back of the mining boom and natural disasters, coupled with other countries recovering from the Global Financial Crisis, have all contributed to Australia slipping to ninth place in global competitiveness according to the latest survey of 59 countries released today. Read more…


CEDA 2011 Post-Budget Briefing Summary

ANZ Chief Economist Warren Hogan and Business Spectator CEO Alan Kohler give their views on the Federal Budget. By Roxanne Punton Read more…


Read more on the successful Energy Investment: Australia’s Energy Challenge

Political uncertainty generated by the carbon tax and other emission reduction related policies are the greatest threat to Australia's energy security according to speakers at CEDA’s Energy Investment: Australia’s Energy Challenge event held in Melbourne on April 29. By Roxanne Punton. Read more…


Higher education - don’t mention the revolution

When Labor was last in Opposition Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard spoke passionately and, at least based on the 2007 election results, convincingly about their vision for an education revolution. A closer examination of what was to be the vanguard of the revolution revealed a much narrower agenda about skills enhancement, vocational and school education. By Professor the Hon Stephen Martin. Read more…


Economic and Political Overview 2011 Series Summary

During February and March 2011 CEDA was pleased to again host events in each state under its signature Economic and Political Overview event series. CEDA’s EPO 2011 publication provided the catalyst for its contribution to thought leadership and policy perspectives on the critical economic, political and social issues facing Australia. By CEDA Chief Executive, Stephen Martin. Read more…


CEDA Media Release: Governance, the Economy, Population and Regionalism on the national agenda for 2011

The Economic and Political Overview (EPO) previews the Australian economy and politics - at state and federal levels - for the year ahead. This dovetails with the EPO research report publication providing senior executives with insights and information on the operating environment for the next 12 months. Read more…


Total Pages: 81