A Good Match: Optimising Australia's permanent skilled migration

Nearly a quarter of permanent skilled migrants in Australia are working in a job beneath their skill level, a new report by CEDA has found.


CEDA’s partnerships and collaborations deliver targeted campaigns on key issues to build consensus on practical policy solutions. By bringing together a range of voices with diverse perspectives and expertise we can achieve greater impact.  

Australia is facing many long standing ‘wicked’ problems, as well as complex emerging issues. Solutions are unlikely to be developed in isolation or by one sector. CEDA - with its broad cross-sector members and firm reputation for independence - is uniquely positioned to facilitate and drive impactful partnerships and collaborations.

Through our partnerships and collaborations CEDA draws on existing knowledge and expertise and works with organisations, academic institutions and individual experts in a variety of formats to overcome barriers to policy change.  

In 2021, CEDA's work in this space is focused on:

  • Justice system reform, in particular reducing female rates of incarceration and recidivism; 
  • Improving workforce participation;
  • Public interest technology, in alignment with our research and policy work; and
  • Our UN Sustainable Development Goals network, formed in 2020 to progress and build best practice use.


Working together we achieve greater impact on important issues than we would otherwise be able to achieve individually.

Collaborating with CEDA enables your organisation to:

  • Contribute to driving the conversation on the issues affecting the nation;
  • Exemplify your organisation and people‚Äôs knowledge and expertise; and
  • Align with CEDA, a known and trusted independent think tank. 


Current collaborations and programs of work