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Very good time to be NSW Treasurer "Since the June Budget, we’ve revised up our 2015–16 surplus to $3.4 billion – an improvement of $876 million, $438 million of which was from TransGrid,” New South Wales (NSW) Treasurer, the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian told a CEDA audience.


We have gone to Paris with the intention of being a deeply constructive country
What we’ve done is we’ve gone to Paris with the intention of being a deeply constructive country, Federal Minister for the Environment the Hon. Greg Hunt has told a CEDA audience....Read More

Women in Leadership Christmas special
“I think the biggest gift to women in 2015 was the demise of Tony Abbott as prime minister,” television presenter and journalist, Tracey Spicer told a CEDA audience at an Adelaide Women in Leadership event. ...Read More

Big issues results 2015
Addressing tax evasion, the critical importance of innovation, education and skills, and opportunities for services industries have been highlighted in CEDA’s 2015 Big Issues survey as key drivers in improving the Australian economy....Read More



A make or break year for Australia business
Unsurprisingly, this year’s annual CEO survey by PwC shows a marked drop in CEO confidence around the prospect for growth, not just in their own business but in the economy as a whole.


Educational attainment vital for our economy
As millions of young Australians begin returning to school next week, there’s a clear national imperative to ensure all young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are supported to do well.


Looking to the future: Lessons and opportunities for Australia from Hong Kong
After a recent visit to Hong Kong, CEDA Chief Executive , Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin, discusses lessons and opportunities for Australia

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