• Improving service sector productivity:
    the economic imperative


    CEDA's 2017 major research report was released
    in June. The report examines Australia's productivity
    performance in the service sector. Click here to read.



  • Research report: Housing Australia

    CEDA will release a policy perspective in August 2017
    which will examine the issue of housing.

  • World Competitiveness Yearbook 2017

    World Competitiveness survey results out now.
    Australia has dropped out of top 20.
    Click here for more information.

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Current housing reforms politically popular band-aid solutions Demand side policies, such as increasing grants to first home buyers or allowing access to superannuation, are “band-aid solutions that might be politically popular in the short-term but will be ineffective in the long-run,” University of Sydney Associate Professor, Dr Judith Yates has told a CEDA audience.


Triple glazed glass ceiling will crack with cultural revolution
Achieving gender equality in Australia will require a cultural revolution, author and media personality, Tracey Spicer said at a CEDA Western Australia event on women in leadership....Read More

We need to look at cost of health care in broader context: Martin Bowles PSM
We need to move past the notion of health care costs and look at them in a broader economic context, Federal Department of Health, Secretary, Martin Bowles PSM has told a CEDA audience in Sydney....Read More

CEDA report: protectionist policies a danger to Australia’s service sector

The Productivity Commission should conduct a major inquiry into health care in Australia, according to CEDA’s latest report Improving service sector productivity: the economic imperative, which includes recommendations for reform across key sectors such as education, tourism, financial services and transport....Read More



Reviewing the Finkel Review and the political response
ANU Crawford School of Public Policy Professor Frank Jotzo discusses whether the recommendations put forward by the Finkel Review will see a reduction in power sector emissions.


The 2017 UK election – unlooked for, un-needed, and perplexing in its result
Dr Stewart Jackson of the University of Sydney discusses the outcome of the 2017 UK election, what the result will mean, and what we can expect from here.


Australia's digital strategy needs major readjustment
In an article originally published on The Conversation, University of Sydney Australian Centre for Innovation Executive Director, Ron Johnston looks at where Australia sits internationally on the digital competitiveness ladder.

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