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Vic opposition promises population growth strategy and tax incentives to decentralise state
Victorian Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Matthew Guy, has noted decentralisation and tax reviews for regions in a speech aimed at addressing voter’s concerns over population and infrastructure pressures in Melbourne, in the lead up to the...


Disruption in energy industry driving consumer choice
When you’re in an industry that is such an essential service, community and consumers having a choice on how they decide to get their power and gas, is a great thing, Australian Energy Market Operator, Executive General Manager WA, Cameron Parrotte has told a CEDA audience....Read More

SA Government provides fresh insight into transport and infrastructure priorities
Just one week on from delivering the new SA Liberal Government’s first budget, the Hon. Stephan Knoll has said that the Government has fresh insight into priority infrastructure projects for South Australia....Read More

Strong planning critical for Sydney's future
Today’s planning will only truly be valued in tomorrow’s Sydney, New South Wales Minister for Planning and Minister for Housing, the Hon. Anthony Roberts said in Sydney. ...Read More



Australia needs harmonised, simplified provision for retirement
Australia needs taxation policy that moves us toward a harmonised and simpliefied system of provision for retirement, writes Professor Susan Thorp.


What is the right retirement or pension age for Australia?
The recent Australian Government decision to axe a plan to increase the pension age to 70 has prompted discussion on just when or how Australians should access a pension. Considering how the pension age should be determined, Dr David Knox writes that pension eligibility should be linked to life expectancy. 


The benefits of flexible workplaces: From intuition to evidence
While flexible work arrangements are increasingly desirable for employees, many employers remain reluctant to offer workplace flexibility, fearing it will harm productivity. But a study by Nous Group has found flexible work can bring significant bottom-line benefits. Tanya Smith explains. 

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