• The super challenge of

    retirement income policy


    On 1 September 2015, CEDA will release a policy

    perspective that examines the economic impacts

    of Australia's ageing population.

  • Elizabeth Broderick

    Click here to catch-up on what Elizabeth Broderick

    had to say at events across Australia in August,

    in her final weeks as Sex Discrimination Commissioner.

  • CEDA research:

    International connectedness


    In November, CEDA will release a policy perspective

    that examines the importance of global connectedness

    to Australia's future prosperity. Click to find out more.

  • CEDA Annual Dinner Address:

    the Hon. John Howard OM AC


    This year's CEDA Annual Dinner Address will be held in Sydney

    on 17 November with former Prime Minister of Australia,

    the Hon. John Howard OM AC.

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CEDA retirement report: pre-tax mortgage payments or super for home purchases, options in policy rethink

A CEDA report released today is calling for an overhaul of retirement policy, including options such as pre-tax mortgage repayments and superannuation being available for owner-occupied home purchases, to be considered.


What’s really going on in the global economy
“For the last four to five years the global economy has been growing at about 3.5 per cent and we are expecting continued growth of 3.5 per cent and higher with modest expansion,” Standard & Poor’s Rating Services Chief Global Economist, Dr Paul Sheard told a CEDA audience.  ...Read More

Gender equality will benefit us all
“In gender-equal work environments, everybody’s performance lifts,” Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick told a CEDA leadership forum in Adelaide. ...Read More

Workplace relations system not dysfunctional
Core elements of the workplace relations system such as the centralised minimum wage, National Employment Standards, awards and enterprise-level agreements are not dysfunctional and require significant regulation, Productivity Commission Chairman, Peter Harris AO has told a CEDA event in Melbourne. ...Read More



Far-reaching review needed for retirement system
Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin discusses the need for certainty in retirement policy, the need for a far-reaching review of the system and recommendations for reform.


Funding your retirement: the role of life annuities
To coincide with the launch of CEDA’s research The super challenge of retirement income policy, Professor Susan Thorp discusses life annuities and options for funding retirement.


National reform summit: Developing adequate income for retirees
Following the National Reform Summit, CEDA Senior Economist Sarah-Jane Derby examines income for retirees including superannuation and owner-occupied housing.

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