Research and policy


CEDA's only agenda is to pursue good public policy to progress Australia's economic and social development.

CEDA's research and policy work identifies, analyses and offers solutions for issues that underpin Australia's long-term economic and social development.

Our research raises the level of public policy debate and discourse around the country by drawing together the best minds on key issues of the day to inject new ideas into the public forum.


2018 policy priorities 

Research in 2018 will focus on the economics of inequality; and a major report examining the broader public policy agenda in Australia, and what’s required to ensure long term policy objectives can be met.

Recent research publications

CEDA released research publications on the topics of:


Since 1960, CEDA has been producing policy publications and resources on the policy issues critical to Australia's economic development.

Through events and publications, CEDA reaches tens of thousands of Australians each year. Our independence also provides the capacity to speak directly to government at a federal and state level, unhindered by vested interests.

CEDA works with independent experts and with universities, other non-profits and member organisations. The quality and independence of our research program has built our reputation as Australia's leading independent voice on economic and business issues.

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