Businesses want certainty from Government

CEDA Chief Executive, The Hon Stephen Martin, talks to Peter Switzer from Sky News about economic policies and businesses concerns.

CEDA Chief Executive, The Hon Stephen Martin, has highlighted key economic concerns raised with CEDA by business and the need for an open dialogue between business and both sides of government on economic policies and Australia's future, during an interview with Peter Switzer on Sky News.

Professor Martin said both sides of government could look at better communicating with business about their policies, goals and intentions.

"What businesses are telling CEDA is that they want a little bit of certainty into the future about the sorts of economic policies that are going to guide our future," he said.

"Business of course is worried about corporate tax rates; they would like to see it reduced to 25 per cent.

"Obviously there are concerns around the multi speed economy and what that means in terms of job generation...our engagement with Asia, and reliance upon China and India into the future. Is there a plan b if we see resources prices coming of? Is there a plan b if we see China's demands start to abate?

"These are the sorts of things... the business community would like to hear some information about."

He said that the Tax Summit and the Jobs Summit, which communicated and connected with the community, union representatives and businesses, was a step forward for the government.

Professor Martin also detailed CEDA's current research and upcoming papers, covering water, population and energy, including nuclear energy, which are aimed at stimulating debate and policy.

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