Economic and Political Outlook 2021

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Our team of economists engage with government and a wide range of stakeholders to raise the level of public policy debate and discourse around the country and identify, analyse and offer solutions that deliver better outcomes for the greater good.


CEDA’s reputation for consistently delivering new insights and policy solutions on crucial policy issues has been forged over many decades, since our inception in 1960.

Our independence provides the capacity to speak directly to government at a federal and state level, unhindered by vested interests.

Today, through reports, information papers, podcasts and opinion articles, CEDA reaches tens of thousands of Australians each year.

CEDA works with business leaders, independent experts, universities and other non-profits to deliver our program of work. The quality and independence of our research program has built our reputation as a leading independent voice on economic and business issues.


CEDA’s research and policy agenda is focused on three key objectives: supporting a dynamic economy and businesses; the provision of world class essential services; and enabling economic opportunity. 

The 2021 issues our team of economists and researchers are examining include migration, business dynamism and competitiveness, better human services and public interest technology. 

2021 program agenda and key projects underway

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Tailored and industry specific economic briefings

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Our team of economists and researchers are based across Australia. They are experts on analysing the trends shaping Australia’s economic development and are ready to brief your organisation on Australia’s short-term economic outlook, long-term trends that will drive business in the years ahead, policy implications and what it means for your business and industry.

CEDA also offers more tailored briefings to members at an additional charge. Tailored economic briefings focus on specific areas of policy, industries, regions and demographic cohorts and are customised to suit your specific needs. 

Delivered virtually or in person, CEDA’s program of economic briefings are exclusive to members. 



CEDA Member Advisory Committees (MACs) draw on our broad membership base to leverage insights in their area of expertise to shape our research and policy agenda. The MACs mean members can deeply engage on topics of interest, debate policy directions and help inject new ideas into our policy work.

In 2021 CEDA is establishing MACs in the areas of migration, business competitiveness and dynamism and human services. CEDA also has a Public Interest Technology MAC, formed in 2020.

Get in touch with our research team about the role you can play in our research agenda as we deliver on our purpose: identifying policy issues that matter for Australia’s future and pursuing solutions that deliver better economic and social outcomes for the greater good.