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Reimagining value-based healthcare
Speaking at a CEDA event in Sydney, Grattan Institute Health Program Director, Dr Stephen Duckett, asked how can traditional models of healthcare be realigned to emphasise value to the consumer and achieve better patient outcomes?


Higher education funding at odds with skills gap shortages and future workforce requirements
Funding for the higher education sector is at odds with skills gap shortages and future workforce requirements, a CEDA audience has heard at the higher education sector review in Adelaide....Read More

Preparing Australian workers for the job market of the future
With the number of unskilled roles shrinking and underemployment on the rise, Workskil Australia Chief Executive Officer, Nicole Dwyer, told a CEDA audience in Perth that a renewed focus on training workers in areas of need could significantly improve employment outcomes....Read More

Constant reviews to temporary migration erode confidence in the system: CEDA CEO
Australia’s temporary migration system has been subject to constant reviews which damage community trust in the system and disrupt workforce planning for business, CEDA CEO Melinda Cilento has told a CEDA audience. ...Read More



Unlocking the hydrogen future
Chief Scientist of Australia, Dr Alan Finkel AO, discusses the potential of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel source and the role Australia could have in the global hydrogen industry of the future.


Hold the Tim Tams and put better outcomes on the COAG menu
Ahead of the Council of Australian Governments' Meeting in Cairns, CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball explains how COAG should refocus its priorities to effect meaningful change.  


Temporary skilled migration not just good for business
Following the release of Effects of temporary migration, CEDA CEO, Melinda Cilento examines how building an efficient and transparent temporary skilled migration scheme is in everyone’s interests. 

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