Duty of care: Meeting the aged care workforce challenge

Read CEDA's report on Australia's aged care workforce challenge.

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Cryptocurrency Explained

Chief Economist Jarrod Ball explores what are the different types of digital assets, why digital platforms are increasingly embedding financial services and how the sector needs greater regulation.

He speaks to Citi’s Tony McLaughlin and Senator Andrew Bragg to make sense of this trend.

Labour markets in lockdown w/ Professor Jeff Borland

On Thursday, the ABS released its labour force statistics for August 2021. They show that while unemployment decreased by 0.1 per cent, the participation rate also decreased significantly. To help make sense of these figures, CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball spoke with University of Melbourne Truby Williams Professor of Economics Jeff Borland.

Did the WA Budget Deliver?

Yesterday WA released its 2021-22 State budget, unveiling a massive $5.6 billion surplus. Some of the big-ticket items in the budget include an $875 million social housing package and $1.9 billion in extra healthcare funding.

But will the measures announced set Western Australia up for long-term success? 

CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball is joined by our Perth-based Senior Economist Cassandra Winzar to find out more.

Is Australia headed for another recession?

The June quarter GDP figures are out, and Australia looks likely to avoid a second recession in two years. 

GDP grew by 0.7%, which ended as the Delta variant took hold in NSW and sparked a wave of lockdowns across the east coast.

So what does this tell us about how the economy entered the extended state lockdown, just how bad is the news for the September quarter, and are we still at risk of a so-called technical recession?

To discuss this, CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball is joined by ANZ Senior Economist, Felicity Emmett.


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