A Good Match: Optimising Australia's permanent skilled migration

Nearly a quarter of permanent skilled migrants in Australia are working in a job beneath their skill level, a new report by CEDA has found.

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Policy Snacks | Is it time to abolish stamp duty?

In today's episode, CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball and CEDA Senior Economist Cassandra Winzar talk about property taxes, in particular what some call one of the least efficient taxes – stamp duty.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, house prices are growing at their fastest pace in more than 30 years, thanks partly to record-low interest rates. Now, there are growing calls to abolish stamp duty, to help young people get on to the property ladder and encourage more people to downsize.

The ACT has already taken this step, and NSW is looking into it.

The Greater Good | Airbnb and the travel sector after COVID-19 with Susan Wheeldon, Airbnb Country Manager Australia and New Zealand

In today's episode of The Greater Good, CEDA CEO Melinda Cilento is joined by Susan Wheeldon, Airbnb Country Manager Australia and New Zealand.

Travel industries were hit hard by COVID-19. In the space of a few months tourism went from Australia’s fourth largest export to all but stopping, leaving many Australians without a source of income.

As a leader in the short-term rental market, Airbnb and its hosts have been particularly affected by this downturn. With the pandemic winding down, the platform is now a weathervane for the recovery of the sector.

While dealing with the challenges of COVID-19, Airbnb has also been facing questions about its responsibility to its hosts and the communities it operates in. Those questions have taken on more urgency since the company’s much touted IPO in December.

What is skills mismatch in permanent skilled migration? | Gabriela D'Souza, Senior Economist at CEDA

This episode of CEDA's Policy Snacks looks at the skills mismatch in Australia’s permanent skilled migration system, what it is, and how we can fix it.

A new CEDA report has found this mismatch cost the Australian economy at least $1.25 billion in foregone wages between 2013 and 2019.

To discuss this, CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball is joined by CEDA Senior Economist Gabriela D'Souza, lead author of the report.

Policy Snacks | Why are women’s imprisonment rates rising and what can we do?

In today's episode, CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball is joined by CEDA researcher and economist Ember Corpuz to look at the rising rate of female imprisonment in Australia, and what can be done to reduce it.

The number of women in Australia’s prisons has been growing at a faster rate than that of men over the past decade, and while women account for a smaller proportion of the country’s prison population, the fiscal, social and economic costs of female imprisonment are significant.


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