Media attendance at CEDA in-person events  

CEDA welcomes media interest and engagement in the important public policy forums and debates held by CEDA across Australia.

 CEDA makes every effort to ensure media can attend its events and make use of speakers' contributions. We provide splitter boxes at events and, in most cases, we produce audio MP3 files which can be made available after the event.

Media may broadcast a segment of up to two minutes of video or up to three minutes of audio recorded at a CEDA event. No audio or video is to be broadcast live.  

To gain entry to a CEDA event, media must sign in and present identification to CEDA staff at the registration desk.

Please note that CEDA reserves the right to close events to media, or to impose the Chatham House Rule (see below). 

Please check the media status of events with our events team. Where possible, we ask media to pre-register so that a seat can be reserved - please email events@ceda.com.au to reserve your seat.

To be notified about CEDA events in advance, please join our mailing list here.

Media questions  

Speakers may make time before or after their speech for interviews or doorstops, and CEDA will endeavour to facilitate this. Please ask us ahead of time if you would like to interview a speaker or CEDA spokesperson. 

During Q&A priority is given to paying guests. However, journalists are permitted to ask questions if time permits and with speaker permission. All questions from the floor are taken at the discretion of the event Chair and must relate to the event topic. 

Media access to interactive livestreams  

Media must register to gain access to CEDA livestream events.

You will receive a complimentary link to the stream. This link is not to be distributed.  

Media may broadcast a segment of up to two minutes of video or up to three minutes of audio from a CEDA livestream. No audio or video is to be broadcast live. 

Journalists are permitted to ask questions via the Q&A portal located on the livestream page. 

If media wish to interview the speakers, please include this request in your registration email. 

To register for a CEDA livestream, please email your details to events@ceda.com.au.  

Chatham House Rule  

Some CEDA meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule (CEDA Trustee Boardroom Briefings, Virtual Roundtables and Power Start breakfasts are generally Chatham House Rule) which is used throughout the world as an aid to free discussion – an important aim of CEDA. These events are closed to media. Please note that very rarely CEDA public events may be closed to the media, generally on the speaker’s request. 

Need a spokesperson?  

CEDA's Chief Executive, Melinda Cilento and Chief Economist, Cassandra Winzar are available to speak about CEDA's research and events.  

Media contact  

Justine Parker

Media Manager and Content Specialist

0436 379 688