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Prime Minister of Australia The Hon. Scott Morrison
"For 60 years, CEDA has been part of the debates that have shaped the Australian economy. Now in 2020, facing the greatest global economic shock since the Great Depression, CEDA is again well-placed to inform the policies needed for Australia’s recovery. CEDA’s founder, Sir Douglas Copland spoke of chasing what he called the “adventure of growth”. It is a quest that I think aligns precisely with today’s challenge, as we look to recover from the health and economic crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic."
Former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick Australian Human Rights Commission
"I do just want to congratulate CEDA on the leadership they're showing in our nation on assisting to address the under representation of women, particularly at senior leadership level, but not only that, to really persuasively put the case that gender equality benefits all of us."
Secretary Frances Adamson Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
"CEDA is doing great work in analysing and promoting discussion for some of the most challenging and important questions facing Australians today including productivity growth, demographic changes and energy policy to name a few. And through this work CEDA is deeply engaged in the conversation about how Australia will develop in the Asian century."
Federal Shadow Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers
"We have enormous regard for the work that CEDA does in collaboration…with so many of the businesses, the higher education institutions and other organisations. We take the work of CEDA very seriously of course, the Company Pulse is important to me, the fiscal repair paper from not that long ago, the Connecting people with progress paper – all these sorts of things are really important inputs into our thinking and our work here in this building, in general but specifically in my case the work in the economic team in the Federal Opposition. "
Leader of the Opposition in the Senate and Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Senator the Hon. Penny Wong
"CEDA is a great organisation because it deals with some of the big issues and as you're non-partisan, you get really good engagement. So I would encourage you to keep doing what you're doing. Thank you for the work that you do."
Former Governor Glenn Stevens Reserve Bank of Australia
"CEDA has, for half a century, sought to promote informed discussion and balanced development of the Australian economy. That long-run perspective is never more important than at times like the present, when a cyclical event is under way and confidence tends, understandably, to wane."
Foundation Chair of Australian Indigenous Studies Professor Marcia Langton AM The University of Melbourne
"I have attended several CEDA events and I agree with others that the cross-sectoral mix of participants and speakers, the neutrality of the presenters, their rigor, their respect for diversity, willingness to innovate and frankness are rare qualities in our public life, making CEDA an ever more important national institution."
Former Prime Minister of Australia The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull
"The Committee for the Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) was established more than half a century ago as an apolitical forum focused on major policy questions facing the nation. Over the years it has participated in several of our most contentious debates over changes that challenged prevailing economic or social orthodoxies. So it isn’t news to anyone at CEDA that structural economic reform is profoundly politically challenging."
Professorial Research Fellow in Economics, Faculty of Business and Economics Professor Ross Garnaut The University of Melbourne
"CEDA has played a big role in providing important public policy discussion for a long period of time."
Former Prime Minister of Australia The Hon. Julia Gillard
"Organisations like CEDA have an important role to play in promoting public policy debate about how we tackle the great challenge… and the long term productivity of this nation."
Federal Foreign Affairs Minister The Hon. Marise Payne
"CEDA has, over 50 years, carved out a very well-earned reputation for cutting edge thinking on the key issues that affect our nations prosperity. CEDA’s success owes as much to the quality and the utility of its research, as to its broad engagement across business, across government, across community organisations and academia."
Former Prime Minister of Australia The Hon. Paul Keating
"CEDA has been an important contributor to the national economic debate, now, for a long time. The range of its interests and the breadth of its membership equips it to make an enhanced contribution as these challenges come in on us."
Federal Deputy Opposition Leader, Shadow Minister for Education and Training The Hon. Tanya Plibersek
"CEDA plays an important part in advancing the national conversation on economic and social policy. Having a strong contest of policy ideas is central to my approach to the health portfolio, and I thank CEDA for its role in promoting informed, thoughtful debate."
Former Governor General of Australia The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO
"Since its founding by Sir Douglas Copland… the Committee for Economic Development of Australia has played an influential role in shaping our country's public policy and best practice in evolving economic, social, cultural and international contexts.... CEDA is an important partner in Australia's democracy."


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