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Budget optimistic about Queensland's future

The 2015 Queensland Budget "delivers on debt reduction - the first budget in 16 years to reduce government sector debt across the forward estimates, saving $1.35 billion on interest payments," Queensland Treasurer the Hon. Curtis Pitt has told a CEDA audience during his State Budget address in Brisbane.

Mr Pitt, who is also Minister for Employment and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, told the audience that, “This is a budget that provides the right balance of essential services and essential fiscal reforms.”

“As a Labor Government, it also recognises those less fortunate who need a helping hand,” Mr Pitt said.

Mr Pitt said this is “a budget that’s optimistic about Queensland’s future", and outlined Queensland’s economic growth projections thanks to new exports, particularly the LNG industry, and the boost to tourism the lower Australian dollar will generate.

The budget also delivers on all the government’s election commitments, he said.

Mr Pitt detailed the breakdown of funding for job growth, as well as the $14.2 billion for health, $12.4 billion for education and the $10.1 billion capital works program. He also outlined the 6.5 per cent increase in funding for community services including disability, domestic violence and child services.

“It delivers jobs through a $1.6 billion Working Queensland package," he said.

"It delivers on frontline services, with 4000 new nurses, 875 new teachers, and 266 new police, and it delivers a surplus – right across the forward estimates.

“I’m happy to say that we’ve also been able to deliver on CEDA’s policy priorities for 2015 – in particular growing Queensland’s future workforce and addressing entrenched disadvantage."