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CEDA's Top 10 Speeches: Disruption and innovation 2011-2016

In 2016, CEDA celebrates five years of engaging and forward-thinking speeches on the CEDA stage – discussing the technologies, skills and attitudes Australia will need to embrace the fourth industrial revolution – with the release of CEDA's Top 10 Speeches: Disruption and innovation 2011-2016.

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CEDA holds more than 300 events annually for the business community, and disruption and innovation has been a key theme increasingly running through CEDA topics. This collection of speeches provides a sample of the wide lens that we need to view disruption through, from specific technologies, to the skills we teach, to how company boards need to change their appetite for risk to harness the benefits of innovation. Reflecting back over this period gives a taste of how quickly things are likely to change over the next decade and how difficult it is to predict the changes that are coming.

CEDA’S Top 10 speeches: Disruption and innovation 2011–2016 complements the discussions on the CEDA stage and CEDA’s research, such as the 2015 publication Australia’s future workforce?, which examined the probability of jobs today disappearing in the next 10 to 15 years due to technological advancement. The current wave of disruption is resulting in jobs and businesses being displaced, and this will continue. However, disruption also brings with it huge opportunities for new jobs and businesses, and Australia’s ability to innovate will ensure the country can harness and leverage those opportunities.

Top 10 Speeches

Making the most out of the connected present

Mark Pesce, inventor, author, educator and broadcaster

NBN, sectoral transformations and productivity benefits

Andrew Stevens, Chair, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre and Independent Non-Executive Director, MYOB Group (then Managing Director of IBM Australia and New Zealand)

Maximising the digital economy

Ahmed Fahour, Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer, Australia Post

Innovation and regulation in the digital age

Professor Jane den Hollander, Vice-Chancellor and President, Deakin University

Leadership in a digital age

Sarv Girn, Chief Information Officer, Reserve Bank of Australia

Future work: skills, productivity and innovation

Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte, ARC Federation Fellow, University of Sydney

Australia’s future workforce

Dr Hugh Bradlow, Chief Scientist, Telstra

Facebook and the mobile economy

Stephen Scheeler, Managing Director, Facebook Australia and New Zealand

The cloud: understanding opportunities and challenges

Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk, State Director, Microsoft – South Australia 

Thinking long-term: can industry seize the innovation opportunity?

Christine Holgate, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Blackmores

Download CEDA's Top 10 Speeches: Disruption and innovation 2011-2016


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