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Next big thing for business is how to use CRMs effectively

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are the biggest buzz words in industries right now, Virgin Australia Chief Commercial Officer, Judith Crompton has told a CEDA’s business and innovation event in Adelaide.

“I think for us the big thing now is actually how to use CRMs more effectively,” she said.

Ms Crompton said airlines have always had customer records but now CRMs and large data mining tools have broad applications and enable airlines to do more things including more targeted marketing.

The next big innovation in the airline industry will be around airports, Ms Crompton said.

Developing more technology to automate certain processes for example indoor messaging to provide gate information to passengers already in the airport will be the next stage in the airport experience, she said.

Ms Crompton said what excites us about that type of technology is that staff can then be used to offer more personalised care and service to customers at different stages of the airport process.

On organisational change and implementing new systems, Ms Crompton said successful change is about implementation and celebrating the results. 

“It’s about understanding what’s the company vision, what do we need to do to get there, how do we take the staff on that journey with us and engage them and then getting the results,” she said.

Also speaking at the event AECOM Chief Executive Australia and New Zealand , Lara Poloni said sometimes organisational change is about very simple strategies that will help effectively transform organisations.

On the topic of technology, Ms Poloni said currently in the infrastructure industry the digitisation of everything is changing the business significantly.

“We have so much data on everything so as designers and planners we try and bring all that together,” she said.

“We have to stay sometimes one step ahead of some of these technological advances across all these sectors that infrastructure plays in,” she said.

Ms Poloni said in the broader marketplace, driverless cars will be the next major technology shift and innovation.
On creativity and innovation, Ms Poloni said it is important to strike a balance between creativity, innovation and tangible outcomes for the business and clients.