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Western Sydney: Building Climate Resilience

CEDA welcomed the Hon.Steph Cooke MP, NSW Minister for Emergency Services, Resilience and Flood Recovery, and a panel of Western Sydney Mayors to examine how governments, industry and the community of Western Sydney disussing how to implement mitigation techniques, build resilience and protect communities and livelihoods. 

Since 2018, Western Sydney has experienced more than one natural disaster per year, with 2022 officially the wettest year on record in Sydney. With a third consecutive La NiƱa falling upon us, the communities of Western Sydney can expect to be impacted by more flooding events over the year ahead.
With the population of Western Sydney set to double over the next twenty years, and the now clear risk of flooding across the outer Western suburbs, it is time to stop debating and take action. Whilst climate change cannot be stopped, it can be forseen and prepared for.