We are a community of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) professionals committed to learning, sharing insights and leading ESG practice for Australian organisations.

CEDA’s ESG Community of Best Practice brings together senior ESG leaders and teams from across our membership.

The Community meets regularly to share insights on emerging ESG trends and practices; share learnings on setting, embedding and evolving ESG policies and processes and to share experience related to effective stakeholder engagement, communication, reporting and accountability.   

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To build understanding of best practice and to inform and shape policy and regulatory discussions.

At a national level, improved ESG performance across organisations supports sustainability and progress against the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is consistent with CEDA’s purpose of enabling a dynamic economy and vibrant society.

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About the community

The ESG opportunity

The ESG challenge 

Expectations of organisations (from customers, shareholders, staff and regulators) around Environmental, Social and Governance have never been greater. From climate change and biodiversity to circular economy; from human rights to native title and from privacy to consumer protection, organisations must increasingly demonstrate clear goals and responses to the ESG challenge.

As expectations rise, so do requirements for disclosure, transparency and accountability. Organisations must also come to terms with the shift from voluntary, ‘in principle’, compliance to the adoption of mandatory obligations and disclosure. 

The number of responsive frameworks and guidelines is increasing as organisations strive to adapt to fast-changing laws and standards. It can be time-consuming and confusing for organisations to ensure they’re on track. 

The ESG opportunity

As organisations seek to expand their ESG activities, building a better understanding of the changing landscape and best practice is key. Improved ESG performance can deliver significant benefits to organisations including: 

  • Access to capital
  • Expanding business opportunities and partners
  • Positively impacting employee and customer engagement and retention
  • Maintain brand and reputation 
  • Positively impacting regulator engagement

CEDA’s answer: an Australian ESG Community of Best Practice

Community membership

Exclusively available to CEDA members, Community Membership includes access to all forums and related resources and discounted access to education modules. 

There is an additional fee for Discover and Elevate members to join the Community.  

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The Community produces:

  • ESG Community member-only information & insights
  • Community member only forums on identified topics with expert speakers/case studies
  • Public content to inform broader understanding and debate 
  • Determination of policy design requirements
  • Education modules via CEDA Learning platform.


Measures of success

The Community seeks to deliver for its members:

  • A demonstrable lift in ESG performance & impact as measured by annual survey
  • Positive influence on public debate & policy design

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Community benefits

As a community member your organisation can:

  • Access information, insights and resources exclusive to Community Members
  • Attend ESG Program forums with expert speakers
  • Connect with other Community Members to share insights, learnings and resources
  • Contribute to discussions about ESG best practice to help inform CEDA's work and advocacy
  • Community Member rates for ESG-related CEDA Learning content
  • Be recognised for your commitment to ESG best practice


Community Membership

  • Exclusively available to CEDA members
  • Membership covers the period of 1 May 2022 – 30 April 2023
  • Cost to join the Community of Best Practice
    • Lead Members – no additional cost to join the program
    • Elevate Members - $1,500 (excl. GST)
    • Discover Members - $1,500 (excl. GST)
    • Individuals/Sole Traders - $1,000 (excl. GST)

Community partners


Challenges and opportunities for ESG practitioners in 2022

Community of Best Practice Forum 1: Challenge and opportunities for ESG Practitioners
31 May 2022

Community of Best Practice Forum 2: Embedding circular economy in your business
29 August 2022

Forum 3: October 2022 

Forum 4: November 2022 

Forum 5: March 2023  

Community member surveys 

  • The surveys seek member feedback on current ESG standards and activities. 
  • We survey at the start and end of the year to provide an indication of progress for members. 


  • Five interactive forums through the year, delivered virtually or face-to-face
  • Each forum addresses a different aspect of ESG developed with input from Community partners and Community Members 
  • Each forum will feature:
    • An introduction on the current state of play and key issues led by an Australian or international expert
    • case study presentations from members who will share their own experience on implementation successes, challenges and lessons specific to the topic
    • an interactive ‘clinic’, which will operate on Chatham House Rule, enabling Community Members to seek feedback and insights on particular issues, challenges and questions they may have in relation to their own programs 

Community partners