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Women in Leadership

In 2013, CEDA surveyed the business community, primarily its members and past attendees of CEDA's Women in Leadership events, to help identify barriers to equality of opportunity.

To advance the debate on Women in Leadership issues, and to help identify current barriers to equality of opportunity, CEDA surveyed the business community, primarily its members and past Women in Leadership attendees from 4 March 2013 to 6 May 2013. There were 619 respondents, 93.3 per cent of whom were female.

More than half (51.1 per cent) of survey respondents said they have been discriminated against while 93.2 per cent believe in the existence of barriers to equality of opportunity in the workplace. The majority of respondents who reported having been discriminated against were female (98.1 per cent).

The survey asked:

What are the barriers to women's equality of opportunity in the workplace?

What would contribute most to improving women's equality in the workforce?

As part of the survey, participants also supplied their personal experiences of gender issues in the workplace.

2013 Women in Leadership policy perspective

The results of this survey were released in June 2013 alongside CEDA's 2013 report, Women in Leadership: Understanding the gender gap.  

The report makes recommendations on enabling workplace meritocracies, changing workplace culture, engaging leaders and introducing accountability.