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Where is the national fix to food fraud?

PwC Partner, Andrew Parker discuses whether it's possible for Australian companies to insert themselves into Asian food supply chains without risk to food fraud. Read more…


Farmers should profit from gas reserves: State of the Nation 2014

Farmers should earn profits from gas reserves Federal Industry Minister, Ian Macfarlane has told CEDA's State of the Nation conference in Canberra. Read more…


From little things big things grow

It’s really important in a sector like agriculture to be the sporting coach, that is, to keep the mind on the one percenters, Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre Economics and Business Analysis Manager, Dr Ross Kingwell told a CEDA WA audience. Read more…


Productivity growth essential for agriculture

Productivity growth will be vital for Australian agribusiness to be competitive on the global stage, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARES) Executive Director, Karen Schneider has told a CEDA audience in Brisbane. Read more…


South Australia must invest more in agribusiness to reap the benefits of growing Asian demand

South Australia’s agricultural sector risks missing out on the dining boom agribusiness opportunities in Asia unless it can invest more in agriculture and add value to its exports, a CEDA forum in Adelaide has heard. Read more…


Sovereign risk growing issue in Australian agribusiness

Sovereign risk is increasing as an issue for growth in agribusiness, Elders Limited Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Mark Allison has told a CEDA audience in Brisbane. Read more…


Tasmania in the slow lane

Tasmania is sitting in the back of the slow lane, compared to other states, heard a CEDA audience at the Tasmanian Economic and Political Overview in Hobart. Read more…


WA economy can transition from mining boom to dining boom

We believe the Western Australia economy can transition from the mining boom to the dining boom ANZ Bank, Regional Business Banking WA, State General Manager, Stuart Hancock has told a CEDA audience in Perth. Read more…


WA must embrace irrigation in the north to unlock its agricultural potential

Western Australia is searching for irrigation opportunities in the state's far north to unlock its potential rivers of gold in food exports to Asia, a CEDA agricultural forum has been told in Perth. Read more…