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Are disadvantaged young Australians at risk of being excluded from future jobs?

Disadvantaged young Australians are at risk of being left behind in the future economy, writes The Smith Family CEO, Dr Lisa O'Brien. Read more…


Australia must break the cycle of disadvantage-incarceration-disadvantage

Disadvantaged Australians are overrepresented in the country's prisons. Facing stigma and barriers to re-entering society, a high number of ex-prionsers re-offend and are returned to prison. Deakin University's Professor Joe Graffam outlines the measures needed to break this cycle of disadvantage and incarceration.  Read more…


Australia must do more to address entrenched disadvantage: Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin

Despite Australia's low unemployment rate and record levels of workforce participation, there are a significant number of communities in Australia experiencing entrenched disadvantage. To coincide with the launch of CEDA's first research report for 2015, Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin discusses how and why Australia should do more.
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Australian millennials' incomes examined

Contributing author to How unequal? Insights on inequality, Professor Peter Whiteford, explains that Australian millennials' incomes have grown more than baby boomers and millennials in other countries.  Read more…


Budget 2015: Early intervention key to addressing disadvantage

The Smith Family CEO, Lisa O'Brien and The Smith Family Head of Advocacy and Research, Anne Hampshire discuss early intervention, disadvantage and government policy to coincide with the launch of CEDA's research Addressing entrenched disadvantage in Australia.
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Building a fairer Australia after COVID-19

Logan Together Director, Matthew Cox; University of Queensland Institute for Social Science Research Professor, Tim Reddel; and public purpose strategy consultant Michael Hogan, write that the COVID-19 crisis offers an opportunity to 'build back better', creating a more equitable Australia by focusing on place-based solutions to societal disadvantage. Read more…


Communities are key to solving some of Australia's big problems

Following his appearance at the 2020 Economic and Political Overview launch event in Sydney, Centre for Policy Development Chair, Terry Moran AC, argues for the importance of community based approaches to providing critical services. He argues that the strength of place-based public policy solutions are a case for greater collaboration between the states and the Commonwealth.  Read more…


Disrupting housing insecurity: using technology to improve housing and homelessness outcomes

Following the release of Disrupting disadvantage: setting the scene, CEDA is releasing a series of articles from leading thinkers in the field that explore different aspects of disadvantage in Australia. Infoxchange CEO, David Spriggs, discusses how Infoxchange is using technology and cross-sector collaboration to reduce housing insecurity.  Read more…


Education inequality is costing Australia billions

The Public Education Foundation estimates that educational inequality is costing Australia billions. Executive Director David Hetherington explains, costs will continue to climb as Australia's most disadvantaged students fall further behind.  Read more…


Educational attainment vital for our economy

As millions of young Australians begin returning to school next week, there’s a clear national imperative to ensure all young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are supported to do well.
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