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Tasmania in the slow lane

Tasmania is sitting in the back of the slow lane, compared to other states, heard a CEDA audience at the Tasmanian Economic and Political Overview in Hobart. Read more…


Tasmanian Treasurers call for costed promises ahead of election

Tasmania’s Treasurer and Shadow Treasurer have both called for fully costed policies ahead of the state election in March. Read more…


Tourism key sector for Tasmania in 2015

According to business leaders, tourism will be a growth industry for Tasmania with the Government aiming to increase visitors to the state to 1.5 million per year by 2020. Read more…


Unless action is taken, Australia’s economy will deteriorate

Extract of Saul Eslake's contribution to CEDA's 2012 EPO publication as published in the Financial Review, 17 February 2012. Read more…


WA EPO: Electricity prices could fall by 2020 with reform

With the right policy settings, Australia could see electricity prices falling in real terms by 2020, AGL Energy, Chief Economist and Group Head of Corporate Affairs, Professor Paul Simshauser has told a CEDA audience at the 2013 Economic and Political Overview in Perth. Read more…