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Cost of living prominent in SA election

South Australia's election will likely be fought over high energy costs, the state of the health sector and hospitals and cost of living issues. Michael O'Neil examines the economic and social priorities for an incoming government.  Read more…


Six lessons from Mayo

Dr Rob Manwaring examines the curious contest of Mayo and what it might tell us about how the next federal election could play out.   Read more…


The Prime Minister’s four options for the timing of the next federal election

The Prime Minister has four options for the timing of the next federal election according to Ashley Midalia. In this blog piece, Mr Midalia examines these options and concludes that May 2019 is the most likely time for us to head to the polls.  Read more…


The Xenophon surge in South Australia

Nick Xenophon's return to South Australian politics could be a gamechanger in the forthcoming state election. Flinders University College of Business, Government and Law Senior Lecturer, Dr Rob Manwaring examines how the X Factor might influence the election result.  Read more…


Trump's new wall? The challenges of a Democratic House

The US midterm elections delivered control of the House of Representatives to the Democrats with the Republicans hanging on to the Senate. John Pilbrow examines what a divided Congress may mean for the Trump presidency.  Read more…