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Time to flip transport infrastructure planning on its head

As Australia's population ticks over 25 million people, Dr Flavio Romano takes a timely look the stress population growth is placing on transport infrastructure in our major cities. He advocates a forward-looking approach which identifies land use, economic and social outcomes for the designated areas before transport infrastructure planning occurs. 
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Infrastructure and economic development

In April 1999, CEDA released the information paper, Infrastructure and Economic Development Read more…


Australia is fast becoming an Asian destination

The predominant number of international visitors that will come to our country between now and the year 2020 will come from the north of us, Tourism Australia Managing Director, John O’Sullivan said at a CEDA event on tourism in Brisbane. Read more…


Australians must share the burden of productivity reform to safeguard their economic future, Productivity Commission warns

Australia must develop a culture of ongoing productivity reform rather than a crisis management philosophy if it is to build sufficient infrastructure and meet the challenges of an ageing population, Productivity Commission Chairman, Peter Harris AO has told a CEDA forum in Brisbane. Read more…


Call for new era of infrastructure reform

The outgoing CEO of Infrastructure Australia, Philip Davies, has called for a new spirit of reform in infrastructure planning. Read more…


Community consideration essential in funding future infrastructure

Infrastructure funding needs to be put into areas that benefit the community, a panel of industry leaders told a CEDA audience in Canberra at State of the Nation 2016. Read more…


Debt for infrastructure not bad: Dr John Hewson AM

Australia could have an infrastructure revolution but needs to stop thinking all debt is bad, according to ANU Crawford School of Public Policy, Tax and Transfer Policy Institute, Professor and Chair, Dr John Hewson AM. Read more…


Does size matter? New CEDA report calls for discussion on the complex issues around population

A new Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) report released today is calling for changes in how Australia manages population change, to ensure smooth delivery of services and infrastructure. Read more…


Focus on outcomes, not ideology: Premier of Victoria

We must be more focused on outcomes than ideology, Premier of Victoria, the Hon. Daniel Andrews, told a CEDA audience at an event in Melbourne. Read more…


Framework and long-term plans needed to address untapped opportunities: Diane Smith-Gander

“It’s very hard to strive and be aspirational if you are in an over-regulated environment,” Transfield Services Chairman, Diane Smith-Gander said at the second event of CEDA’s three-part infrastructure series in Western Australia (WA). Read more…