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ASEAN Summit Wrap: Australian businesses wasting our region’s opportunities

PWC Australia CEO Luke Sayers reflects on the ASEAN-Australia Business Summit CEO Forum and the opportunities the ASEAN region holds for Australian businesses. Read more…


Australia and India: Navigating from potential to delivery

Following the launch of An India Economic Strategy to 2035: Navigating from potential to delivery on the CEDA stage, the report's author, University of Queensland Chancellor Peter Varghese AO, outlines the ambitious plan to unlock economic opportunities for Australia from India’s growth.  Read more…


Australia, Canada and the TPP

Hugh Stephens examines implications for Australia from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's no show at the planned announcement of the revised Trans Pacific Partnership.  Read more…


Australia, China and COVID-19: dependency in a crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has driven scrutiny of Australia's economic dependence on China. ANU's Australian Centre on China in the World Director, Professor Jane Golley, says that as China's vast economic resources fast track its recovery, Australia's trading relationship with China will in fact be its greatest strength emerging from the downturn. Read more…


Australia-France commercial relations

The visit to Australia by French President Emmanuel Macron is curious given the small trading relationship between our two countries, writes Evan Jones. Read more…


China's ambitious plans to reshape global trade

China's Belt and Road Initiative provides opportunities for Australian businesses with expertise in infrastructure, writes Martin Tricaud.  Read more…


COVID-19 offers a preview of China’s digital future

Asialink Business China Practice Director, Nick Henderson, shows how China’s booming digital economy is supporting its recovery. He explores China’s digital landscape, as well as the response of Chinese business to COVID-19 and the lessons it has for Australian businesses.  
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International connectedness critical for regional Australia: Kyl Murphy

International connectedness and the movement of people, ideas and information will be important for Australia's future prosperity. Kyl Murphy discusses regional capitals and global integration.
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More than trade: Driving business engagement in Asia

The value of closer trade ties with Asia is now widely accepted by Australian business and continues to drive a relentless focus on FTAs by government. But there’s so much more to do, writes Asialink Group CEO, Penny Burtt. 
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Information paper: Trade in the post pandemic world

This is analysis prepared for CEDA by Gary Sampson, Professor of International Trade at Melbourne Business School, former Director at the GATT and WTO, and Senior Counsellor to the WTO Director General. It addresses the challenges facing world trade following the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more…