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Australia has work to do on transport technology infrastructure

The transport sector will be one area significantly disrupted and revolutionised by technological transformation. But is Australia ready to capitalise on new transport technologies? Dr Matt Wenham reports on findings of a new report from the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering. Read more…


CEDA Big Issues Project suggests a new Reform Agenda for Australia

CEDA's Big Issues project identifies major challenges for Australia over the next five to ten years. In its third year the concerns ranked highest were population growth, water and energy, all major long-term policy challenges for Australia and the world. Read more…


Improvements in rail means better productivity for Australia

Improvements in rail will assist Australia’s productivity, competitiveness and performance, a CEDA audience has heard in Melbourne. Read more…


Perth requires urgent investment in transport networks

Perth’s needs a significant increase in road networks, expansion of the reach and efficiency of public transport, and transport networks for other users such as cycling, RAC of WA, Executive General Manager of Advocacy and Member Benefits, Patrick Walker has told a CEDA audience in Perth. Read more…


Is Australia's road infrastructure intelligent

Advisian's Zoltan Maklary and Andrew Lau discuss the future of autonomous vehicles for Australia, and how they may interact with smart infrastructure. Read more…


Time to flip transport infrastructure planning on its head

As Australia's population ticks over 25 million people, Dr Flavio Romano takes a timely look the stress population growth is placing on transport infrastructure in our major cities. He advocates a forward-looking approach which identifies land use, economic and social outcomes for the designated areas before transport infrastructure planning occurs. 
Read more…


Connectivity, autonomy and sharing in the future of mobility

The future of mobility is about connectivity, autonomy and sharing, according to a panel of experts assembled for the first 2018 event in CEDA’s NSW Transport Series. Read more…


Freight and Logistics Plan fails Melbourne Airport

It is "woeful" that the State Government's Freight and Logistics Plan does not include connecting access upgrades to Melbourne Airport, Melbourne Airport, Chief Executive Officer, Chris Woodruff has told a CEDA forum in Melbourne on freight and logistics. Read more…


Is Australia transport technology ready?

Australia is well placed to capitalise on transport technology revolution, but infrastructure readiness and skills availability need improvement, said Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering Transport Technology Readiness Project Steering Committee Co-Chair, Drew Clarke AO PSM, in releasing the Academy’s latest report. Read more…


Media Release: Congestion charging an option for Perth

A new CEDA paper released today is calling for Perth to consider congestion charging to avoid the gridlock strangling other Australian capital cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Read more…