Economics for Non-Economists

Learn the language of economics with our self-paced online course


Economics for Non-Economists

Learn the language of economics with our self-paced online course

CEDA's short online economics course

Economics for Non-Economists is a self-paced online learning course designed to introduce participants to the fundamentals of economics. Reflecting CEDA’s membership base, it is a course tailored for professionals and developed by professional economists.  

Course fees and details

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A course that introduces economic thinking, tools and principles

Providing you with the knowledge and understanding to engage with economics as it interacts within your field.

8 Modules covering Economic Fundamentals


Introduction to scarcity, datasets and graphs

Module 1

Thinking like an economist

Module 2

Demand, supply and equilibrium markets

Module 3

Macroeconomics and GDP formula

Module 4

Inflation and unemployment

Module 5

Market failures

Module 6

Fiscal and monetary policy

Module 7

Economic forecasting and modelling

Module 8

Australia's domestic economy and its position in the global economy

In each learning module, participants will take economic terms and concepts and see how they are applied in Australian policymaking by leading economic institutions such as the Treasury and the Reserve Bank. This is a practical course – you won’t spend countless hours on perfect competition and price shocks. Instead, you’ll jump right to the contemporary experience of how these concepts are implemented and referenced by our leaders.

Ultimately, our online economics course allows you to engage with issues that feature prominently in media headlines every day. You will become better equipped to understand the issues that matter to you and your organisation – from employment to cost of living and all the other macroeconomic trends that impact our lives.

Learning outcomes

Language and principles of economics

Impacts of economy on public policy

Graphs and economics formulas

GDP and market systems

Business cycles and economic performance

Governments' role in fiscal and monetary policy

Economic data, forecasting and modelling

Domestic and global economy

For more information please see the course syllabus

Meet your course sponsor

Andrew Barker

Senior Economist, CEDA

Senior Economist (QLD) at CEDA based in Brisbane. Andrew was previously a Senior Economist and Head of Desk in the OECD economics department, focusing on climate, labour market, productivity and housing policy. As a Research Manager at the Productivity Commission he led quantitative work on water, gas and labour markets and contributed to public inquiries on infrastructure access, automotive manufacturing, service exports and the economic effects of migration.

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Anne Finlay
Manager Coordination WA Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development

I’ve worked in the public sector, across several agencies, for over 25 years. During this time, I have had several touch points with economic concepts without any real understanding of the broader economics framework. This online course filled in those gaps for me in a way that sustained my interest and allowed me to incorporate the learning into my existing workload. While going through the course, I had many ‘aha’ moments which cumulated in solid foundation in economics concepts.


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