Public Policy Dynamics

Increase your knowledge of public policy and learn practical applications


Public Policy Dynamics

Increase your knowledge of public policy and learn practical applications

CEDA's public policy course

Public Policy Dynamics is a blended learning course that includes a combination of self-paced online learning and an interactive workshopWith our expert-led modules, you can support your organisation to advance our shared goal of innovative policy solutions for the greater good. 

Course fees and details

Incorporate CEDA Learning content directly into your existing learning system. Our fully online courses can be white labelled or licenced for use across your organisation.

A course that increases knowledge of public policy development

How it affects organisations and practical applications to influence better outcomes.

Modules and workshops covering Public Policy Dynamics

Module 1

What is public policy?

Module 2

Key players in public policy

Module 3

How public policy is made and understanding the policy environment

Module 4

Public policy influence


One face-to-face session or two online sessions

Learners complete 4 online modules and then attend the face-to-face session facilitated by the CEDA economist team, along with a prominent guest speaker. After the workshop, learners complete a final online module and are then awarded a digital credential and certificate to share with their networks.

Ultimately, our public policy course will increase your working knowledge of public policy development, how it affects your organisation, and practical applications to influence better outcomes.


Enrol now in a workshop near you

This short course follows a blended learning approach, offering a combination of both online and in-person learning. To enrol, select
the in-person workshop in your state (or online). Prior to the workshop you will need to complete the first four online modules.

29 FEB and 14 MAR, 2024
MAR 6, 2024
MAR 21, 2024
APR 18, 2024
MAY 16, 2024

Learning outcomes

Latest insights on public policy

Practical applications for business strategy

Impacts on customers, investors and stakeholders

Emerging political and social issues

What shapes business conditions

Public policy drivers

Organisations playing proactive, key roles

Responsiveness to issues that matter to customers

For more information please see the course syllabus

Meet your course sponsor

Cassandra Winzar

Chief Economist, CEDA

Cassandra Winzar is Chief Economist at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA). Prior to joining CEDA she was Principal Economist at the WA Department of Communities (Housing Authority) where she focused on WA economic conditions and housing related research, including running the state government’s Housing Industry Forecasting Group. Cassandra has also held roles as the WA based Economist for the Reserve Bank of Australia, and in Transfer Pricing at EY. Cassandra has a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) from the University of Western Australia.

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