Recovery: coming back better


A CEDA series to explore what recovery will look like for our economy and the longer term growth agenda.
To explore the economic recovery out of the COVID-19 crisis, CEDA has launched the Recovery: coming back better series. Using its network and experience during this period, CEDA is exploring new and innovative policy opportunities and options that go further than the usual tool kit of existing policy solutions.

To restart Australia's economy, we are going to need a broad economic agenda that incorporates innovative policy solutions to drive investment in these unusual times and drive the economic activity and job creation needed following the COVID-19 health and economic crises.

Recent reports:

Labour market policy after COVID-19

In Labour market policy after COVID-19, we explore labour market policy issues that needs to be (or might be perceived to need to be) addressed and presents practical ideas on ways forward.

This series of contributions from policy experts, including Elizabeth Hill, Peter Davidson and Sonia Arrakal who describe the outlook and propose policy options for the groups who it seems will be most adversely affected by the COVID-19 recession: respectively women, the long-term unemployed and young people. Jeff Borland addresses the scope for job creation via wage subsidy/hiring credit programs. Gabriela D’Souza reviews how COVID-19 is likely to affect immigration and what opportunities that may create for Australia. Finally, articles by Michael Keating and Andrew Stewart examine two main areas of potential structural policy reform already under consideration by the Federal Government: reform to the training system and industrial relations reform. 

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Revised research agenda

To explore these policy reforms and address the issues that have fallen out of the COVID-19 pandemic, CEDA has revised its 2020 research agenda.

The pandemic has changed governments’ policy priorities and the nation’s economic priorities. As such CEDA's 2020 research agenda will also incorporate a focus on four topics that will be published through a series of short research papers, blogs and interactive livestreams in the months ahead.

The aim of our research agenda refocus is to encourage long term discussion and debate on the policy settings necessary to secure future economic and social development.

As part of this series, CEDA will explore:

Continuing our planned 2020 research agenda

The themes underpinning our planned research reports for 2020 – data, Community Pulse, immigration and disadvantage – remain important and work will continue on these themes. CEDA will monitor and assess the economic policy environment in the coming months with a view to advancing the topics we had planned in 2020.

Explore the 2020 research agenda topics: