More Australian children condemned to poverty without urgent action

The latest report in CEDA's Disrupting Disadvantage is out now.


CEDA’s interactive learning programs and workshops develop your critical thinking, build your leadership acumen and increase your understanding of public policy for application in an increasingly competitive business environment.

CEDA’s programs and workshops give you access to Australia’s top business leaders and subject matter experts, and place you in a network of emerging professionals from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Enrolments are limited to ensure an in-depth and personalised experience with content relevant to your learning.

CEDA Learning offers three programs:

The Copland Leadership Program has been offered for over 10 years, gaining acclaim for its stimulating content and high-calibre speakers. Over several sessions conducted by leaders in business, government and the NFP sector, participants will gain new perspectives and insights into critical leadership challenges; develop critical thinking skills needed to solve complex business problems; and network with fellow emerging leaders.

Public Policy Dynamics is a one day workshop designed to deepen your knowledge of how public policy impacts your workplace and community and equip you to play a more active role on policy issues. Participants in the workshop will hear from CEDA’s leading economists on key public policy concepts and their connection to social and economic development; the main drivers of policy; and the key ingredients of good public policy and its administration.

CEDA also offers economic briefings delivered directly to your team that give your organisation insights on the economic and policy trends shaping your business.  

CEDA Learning programs and workshops are available to CEDA members at member rates and are also available to non-members. Economic briefings are offered exclusively to members.

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