Since 1960, CEDA has produced more than 3000 publications, research reports and articles.

Research publications

CEDA's research publications highlight emerging issues and directions in a diverse range of policy areas.

2020 research publications 

In 2020, CEDA will explore unlocking data in the public interest ahead of the inaugural Public Interest Technology Forum, release the second Community Pulse nationwide survey, discuss the skills mismatch in the permanent migration system, and release the second report in our series on disadvantage. 

Recent CEDA research has covered:

Special publications 

In 2018, CEDA released CEDA's Top 10 Energy speeches 2007-2017, a collated set of speeches delivered at CEDA energy events from 2007–17 that highlight the importance and focus of evolving energy policy. CEDA also released a special collection of speeches to show the evolution of economic issues of concern to Prime Ministers as well as how those issues have been communicated in our Top 10 Speeches Prime Ministers on the CEDA stage. The collection starts with William (Billy) McMahon and runs through to Malcolm Turnbull.

In 2016, CEDA released Regional development in Western Australia which presents the culmination of the State of the Regions event series, providing key insights from the series along with overarching actions to help ensure Western Australia’s Regions continue to thrive and prosper. 

In 2016, CEDA also released CEDA's Top 10 Speeches: Disruption and innovation 2011-2016, to mark five years of engaging and forward-thinking speeches on the CEDA stage – discussing the technologies, skills and attitudes Australia will need to embrace the fourth industrial revolution.

CEDA released a compilation of the most influential and interesting Women in Leadership speeches on the CEDA stage: CEDA’s Top 10 Speeches: Women in Leadership 2010–2015.

Annual publications

CEDA also delivers a range of annual publications including: