Effects of temporary migration


Effects of temporary migrations aims to better understand the role that migrants, specifically temporary migrants, play in Australia’s economy.

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CEDA migration report

Temporary migration is a natural offshoot of globalisation. It is necessary to keep Australia competitive and innovative.This report seeks to contribute to a broader understanding of the scale and scope of temporary migration and its contribution to Australia’s economy and society. The report explores three areas:
  • The evolution of temporary migration in Australia, including the key facts and figures of various streams of migrants, and how they contribute to population growth.
  • The impact on the labour market, with new economic research undertaken by CEDA highlighting that contrary to some concerns, recent waves of migrants have not had an adverse impact on the wages or jobs of Australian born workers.
  • Temporary skilled migration – a program that has become the focus of community concerns around jobs and wages, including that migrants displace Australian workers and undermine pay and conditions.
Effects of temporary migration also provides key recommendations on how the Federal Government could enhance its approach to temporary migration policy ensuring the stability of the program in the years to come.

Temporary migration research release events

This research will be launched in July with public events in:

Sydney | 23 July 2019 
Melbourne | 24 July 2019
Adelaide | 26 July 2019 
Perth | 31 July 2019
Brisbane | 31 July 2019

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