CEDA team


CEDA has offices and team members in each state.

Please note due to COVID-19, all CEDA staff are currently working remotely. 

Chief Executive

Melinda Cilento - Chief Executive (Melbourne) 
Learn more about Melinda Cilento

Elaine Jenkins - Senior Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive (Melbourne) 


People and Culture

Belinda Gleeson - Director, People and Culture (Melbourne)
Learn more about Belinda Gleeson

Michelle-Ann Cas - HR Coordinator (Melbourne)



Mel Nelson - Director, Membership (Melbourne)
Learn more about Mel Nelson 

Ali Condon - Associate Director, Membership (Sydney)

Susan Austin - Membership Manager (Brisbane)

Jim Disher - Membership Manager (Adelaide)

Mark Flower - Membership Manager (Melbourne)

Angela Jones - Membership Manager (Sydney)

Rehana Khan - Membership Manager (Perth)


Research and Policy 

Jarrod Ball - Chief Economist (Melbourne)
Learn more about Jarrod Ball

David Bowtell - Associate Director, Policy (Sydney)

Gabriela D'Souza - Senior Economist (Melbourne)

Ember Corpuz - Researcher & Economist (Adelaide) 

Cassandra Winzar - Senior Economist (Perth)



Sharon Smyth - Chief Operations Officer (Melbourne)
Learn more about Sharon Smyth

Aaron Ni - Finance Manager (Melbourne)

Allen Huang - Accounts Officer (Melbourne)

Sasha Talbot - National IT Manager (Melbourne)

Hedley Jackson - Senior Web Developer (Melbourne)

Danielle Walker - Junior Web Developer (Melbourne)

Fiona Macleod - Project Manager 

Partnerships and Collaboration

Hamilton Calder - Director, Partnerships and Collaboration (Adelaide)
Learn more about Hamilton Calder

Julia Tolj - Partnerships and Collaboration Advisor (Perth)


Roxanne Punton - Director, Communications (Melbourne) 
Learn more about Roxanne Punton

Benn Dorrington - Digital Communications Officer (Melbourne)

Tiernan Morrison - Content and Publications Advisor (Melbourne) 

Justine Parker - Media Manager and Content Specialist (Sydney)

Dean Poulopoulos - Multimedia Advisor (Melbourne) 

Holly Tucker - Senior Digital Communications Advisor (Melbourne) 


Fleur Morales - Director, Programming (Melbourne)
Learn more about Fleur Morales

Sharon Braun - Associate Director, Program and Delivery (Melbourne)

Clint O'Brien - Associate Director, Program and Innovation (Brisbane)

Jugal Chandawalla - Senior Event Producer (Sydney)

Nia Cho - Senior Event Producer (Brisbane)

Marianne Bell - Membership and Events Coordinator (Sydney)

Michelle Cunningham - Membership and Events Coordinator (Brisbane)

Rosie Fares - Membership and Events Coordinator (Perth)

Rekha Choudhary - Membership and Events Coordinator (Sydney)

Hayley Falcinella - Membership and Events Coordinator (Adelaide)

Isabelle Lewis - Membership and Events Coordinator (Melbourne)


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Media Contact

Roxanne Punton
Director, Communications
Telephone: 03 9652 8424

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