Commonwealth and states need to find common ground on energy

Following the blackout event in South Australia, it is an important to ensure energy security in Australia, Federal Minister for Environment and Energy, the Hon. Josh Frydenberg has told CEDA’s State of the Nation conference in Canberra.


Mr Frydenberg said collaboration between State and Federal Governments is vital.

“I very much have to…work consultatively with my colleagues at COAG,” he said.

“While there remain clear differences between the Commonwealth and some of the states we did agree on the overall vital importance of energy security.”

On last week’s extraordinary meeting of the COAG Energy Council, Mr Frydenberg said the meeting provided an important foundation for future plans.

“The real breakthrough at the meeting though came when there was an agreement for an independent review to create and develop a blueprint for energy security which will be led by Australia’s Chief Scientist,” he said.

“The aim is to prepare a blueprint for Australia to not only meet its climate change goals but also to ensure energy security as well as sustainability and affordability of the system going forward.”

Mr Frydenberg said the Federal Government is committed to emissions reduction.

“The Coalition is…absolutely committed to emissions reduction, to more renewable energy as a proportion of the overall energy mix as well as a reliable and affordable energy system,” he said.

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